Saturday, March 22, 2008

A good blog entry

Ok, so I am a failure at blogging apparently, but I admire the bloggers that have good blogs. I try, but fail. Sorry. For the few of you that still check my blog I am going to try and actually do a good blog entry tonight.

Knitting Catch Up
What am I knitting right now?
Malabrigo Sweater that I am in serious love with. This yarn knits smooth like butter. No splitting, pulling, sticking, pilling, or breaking. DELICIOUS! I am so glad I have 2,000 yards to wrap myself in.

Still knitting: Log cabin baby blanket. Love it, easy project that I can pick up anytime and know what to do without having my pattern nearby. love it.

Finished recenly:

Cable wristwarmers. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn: Jade Sapphire cashmere. yum. These are really soft and really keep me warm!

I am in spring break now, and understand why teachers need summer vacations. I am POOPED. I love my kids and I love my job. Every morning I get to go to a peaceful place where I can sit in the sun, drink my coffee, and watch my class as they peacefully work. I had an aide tell someone that my class is like a "mortuary" in the AM. MORTUARY??? I prefer "peaceful sanctuary".... mortuary... I seriously resent that.

Spring is here, but it was actually snowing today so its not REALLY spring. I realized today why Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers. I want to refer to them as the "announcers of spring". They are the first hint of spring after the long winter. They announce to us all "hey! Im here, warmer weather is coming, and other flowers are coming too. Hang in there till they get here, I will stay and keep you company"
Am I crazy?

Love you all! I hope you enjoyed my first good entry in a while.