Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I made it.

Oh my gosh I cant feel my legs. NO i CAN feel them, but they are in serious pain. I did it... I finished my 1st day at school... Let me run you through my emotional state real quick...
Last Night:
oh my gosh
Can I do this? cry cry cry
What if..... what if.... what else...
pizza sounds good....
xanax sounds good...
sleepy time...

This AM:
I am still tired.
I shouldnt have had that xanax...
I need coffee...
this coffee sucks.

Lets do this...

My kids are adorable. My classroom is unbearably hot. My kids seem like they will be good. I cant believe I did all that today. My throat hurts from talking... My feet hurt from walking.. I am not sitting on my couch... pooped.
thats that... lets see if i can do this stuff all year. I hope it gets easier.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Won!

I woke up today and checked out Gina's blog and was seriously soooo excited to see that I had won her contest! Now the huge question is WHAT do i make?!! I seriously need your help!!! My brain is fried and i have been searching online to get ideas. I found this picture, and its super pretty... GIMMIE IDEAS please!!!!!!!
Adam comes home in the AM so I might not blog for a couple days, but keep the ideas coming!!!!
Thanks Gina!

PS I like the back sweater..

Friday, August 3, 2007

Classroom Fun

Hey everyone! I am sure you are all convinced that i have dropped off the planet because I no longer work at Mosaic, but i am still here! I spent all week working in my classroom and I am physically exhausted. I am so glad I could get in there early because the more people come in, the more tempted i will be to gab instead of getting things done.

I have gotten a lot done in my room, and finally feel like... this is actually happening. I am actually going to be a teacher. I got my class list and cant wait to meet each one of them. I hope they are sweet:)

I knit today during a mathematics training seminar! Woo hoo! I impressed myself even. I can knit that candleflame shawl without looking at the pattern. amazing.

I dont have a picture, so to bad for you. :) I miss you all!!