Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Goodbye 20 somethings

Well, in less than a week I am going to have my 30th birthday. 30.
I really find it hard to believe I am actually going to be 30. I still think I am 26 I think. I am in a really reflective mode today so I am going to reflect on the past decade and who I was then, and who I am now. It's been a busy 10 years.

10 years ago I was 20. I was seriously dating Adam, and we made a big step in 2000. We adopted our first baby, Lucy. Adam and I were living separately while he went to UC Davis, and I finished up at Cabrillo.

In 2002 I married the sweetest man I have ever known. Everyday I am thankful for him. Our wedding was on the cliffs in Capitola. It was a beautiful day, and one of the best days of my life.

Soon after our wedding we adopted the second love in our life, Mango. She has added so much happiness and has always kept us on our toes.

In 2003 I graduated from UCD and we moved to Virginia. We loved Va, but not at first. We bought our first house in 2004.

In 2004 I started working at Mosaic, my favorite yarn shop, and became truly obsessed with knitting. I have no idea how many things I have knitted now......

In 2007 I graduated from Radford University with a Masters degree in Elementary Education. Soon after, I started teaching at Christiansburg Elementary. I know the classroom is where I belong. I love it.

In 2008 (?) Adam got his PhD from Va Tech. Although he said they "just hand them out", I am still extremely proud of all his hard work and perseverance.

In 2009 we came full circle and moved our little family BACK to the Bay area. We are now living in Berkeley.

Along the way I learned some important lessons, and made some life long friends. I met my best friend, Sarah, who knows about all the bad stuff about me, and still loves me. I keep waiting for her to stop liking me, but am amazed at how she keeps loving me! I am thankful for her and how she makes me laugh when I am crying. How she knows what I need to hear, and tells it to me nicely. I love knowing that she is loyal and will never treat me bad. I am lucky to have a friend like her.

I feel a list coming on.....
Lessons I have learned:

1. When it comes to weddings: The bride is always right. The wedding is about the celebration of love, not about the flowers and the cake. Honeymoons make you fat.

2. When it comes to marriage: Dont make little deals into big deals. Be NICE to eachother, sometimes it's just THAT easy. Never talk about it when your so angry you want to scream. Listen, and put yourself in the other persons shoes. I spouse is a partner, a friend, a love... NOT a child, a maid, or a maintenance man.... treat your spouse with love and respect. Dance together.

3. When it comes to raising pugs: Pugs are the best animals in the world. DONT free feed them. DONT give them table scraps. DONT get them wet and let them run around the house... (sounds like they are Gremlins)

4. When it comes to knitting: Dont be to proud to rip it out. RIP IT OUT. I learned not to be afraid to buy more yarn. I can NEVER have too much, and anyone who complains can get over it. There is no shame in putting a project aside, and starting another one. I dont believe in knitting something you hate doing. Knitting serves different purposes, therefore you need different projects, depending on what purpose you want it to serve on any given day. Knitters are nice, most of the time.

5. When it comes to being a friend: Listen to your friends because you want them to listen to you. Never judge. Never try and tell them what to do. Love them and support them. Friends should make you happy, make you laugh, and be ok when you cry. Friends dont go away when you move. Friends dont go away when they move. Friends are important.

6. When it comes to life in general: Life is not fair. I will say this again because it is a big one I learned. LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Just because you work hard at something doesnt mean its going to happen. Bad things happen to good people. IT IS HARD to wait your turn in life. Sometimes the only thing you can control is your reaction to life, and sometimes thats the hardest part. Life is full of beauty and love, you just need to open your eyes and heart enough to see it.

Looking for the next decade:
I dont really know what the next decade will bring. I know what I WANT it to bring, but I will just try and enjoy the ride as we go. I know that I have so many wonderful things in life, and I have learned so much about myself and about life in general. I am looking forward to the lessons I have yet to learn!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quinoa Mango Salad

This salad is YUMMY. It's gluten free, vegan, delicious, and... 3 weight watcher points for 1/2 cup.

Here is the recipe:

5 cups COOKED quinoa ( Sorry, I dont have the uncooked amount)
1 mango- cubed
1/2-1 cup cilantro chopped
1/4 vidalia onion chopped VERY fine.
2 cloves of garlic, also chopped VERY fine.
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon turmeric
1 PINCH ground ginger
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup golden raisins
1/4 cup sliced almonds
1/2 large apple, or 1 small apple- peeled and cubed
lemon juice squeezed from 1 small lemon

Cook the quinoa in water or broth (twice as much liquid than quinoa).
When cooked, put in onion, garlic and cilantro (while still hot).
Cool. You can put in fridge, or just do the next part later.
Mix the Olive oil, spices, and lemon juice in another bowl.
Once quinoa mix is cooled, stir in oil mixture.
dump in fruit, raisins, and almonds.
SALT to taste.

Enjoy :)

Oh, Here's what I had for lunch today.... Egg salad on gluten free bread (from Mariposa Bakery), pickles and fresh berries.