Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obsessed and Thankful

Ok, so now that we are here and getting "settled in" (that's debatable) I have reunited with an old friend- her name is "Knitting". Her and I used to be so close when I was working at the knitting shop in Blacksburg, but grad school came and work came and we just grew farther and farther apart.

Now that I am not working, not going to school, and not surrounded by a lot of distraction, her and I have spend everyday together. Knitting, finding projects, blocking, setting up my knitting space, and actually FINISHING projects. Amazing. As you can probably notice I am knitting nothing but baby stuff and that is for a couple of very good reasons. 1. Baby stuff is so cute, so easy, and so fast. 2. Everyone I know is either pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or just had a baby. So I am knitting all this fabulous knitware that I just LOVE!

My mom is coming to visit for Thanksgiving! I wish my Dad and brothers could come too, but I must be thankful for what I have!!! Bekka and family are coming too, so it should be a nice family day! I will be cooking my very first gluten free Thanksgiving. Thanks to this website I have found some recipes that shouldn't make me feel like I have "special problems" with gluten.
I still need to go to the doctor and take further tests to see if this is an allergy or if it is celiacs disease. We shall see. They reactions I get when I eat it are horrible, and hit fast. It took me a few days stop itching last time. Also, since I started DAIRY I have been congested and had headaches so that makes me worry. (GEEE!!!)

This really makes me wonder how many people have food allergies and don't know it. Amazing.

Thanksgiving kinda forces us to look at our life and find a deep gratitude for things. I was laying in bed last night looking out the window at the bay looking at the most incredible moon I have ever seen. It was a waxing crescent (3rd grade curriculum) that was a very dark deep orange color. It was hanging so low in the sky it looked like it was about to land right down into the bay. As I was watching it I actually saw it move. Like it knew it had been seen and needed to hide behind the earth. That was such a special moment that made me think about how lucky we all are to have this amazing beautiful Earth as our home. Just a nice story for you today.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!