Friday, June 27, 2008

2 more down

I finished 2 more baby surprise jackets. I cant tell you how much fun this pattern is. It's weird at first, but once you get it you start seeing a jacket out of every yarn you see. I think next time I will use a looser cast off in the end, but otherwise I am perfectly happy with them. The pinkish one is made using Koigu and a size 3 needle. I tried it on smaller needles, but its softer on 3's.

The green/blue one is made from Claudia Handpaints. I only used 1 skein of that and then used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for the trim. I used size 5 needles. I love that yarn!!!

Jared taught me a new technique for making beautiful button holes. Thank you Jared. Ask me and I will pass this knowledge on to you!

I didnt "block" these. I guess one thing I learned from each designer at Purl Jam is that everyone has their own ideas about blocking. My idea on THIS project is that it is perfect the way it is. I hope you all enjoy as much as I do.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Purl Jam 2008

Hello everyone in Blog land:) I am excited to write this blog because I had such a phenomenal week that I have to share it. This week was Purl Jam here in Blacksburg, and I have to say that I haven't been so inspired in such a long time. It felt so good to once again see the bigger picture in the knitting world. Sometimes I get so stuck in my own knitting rut that I forget why I am doing it. When the community comes together it's easier to see that I am part of something big. I am not alone. I knit for so many reasons. I knit because it calms me. I knit to produce. I knit to feel accomplished. I knit because when I do, everything feels right.

I picked up Jared Flood at the Roanoke Airport. (Brooklyn Tweed... and if you didnt know that... shame on you.) I was actually very nervous about meeting this guy since I am such a huge fan. Gina told me to make a sign.... so I did... It said "Jared Flood: knitter Extraordinaire" I felt like an idiot holding it up... so I didnt. I know what he looks like, but I DID show him. After moments of meeting him my nerves calmed. What a guy! Besides the fact that Gina told him I was some sort of crazy obsessed fan who might tie him up like in Misery..... he didnt seem scared by me. Speaking of obsessed fan... Let me just say... I seriously think he is an amazing person. From a knitting perspective he is a genius, but he is so humble about it. He is inspiring, amazing, and real. Just being around him I learned so much and became so inspired.

OK, so I hung out with knitters, friends, and designers this whole week. HEAVEN. I took classes from each of the designers, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, and Annie Moddesitt. LOVE THEM!!!! I am STILL star struck and inspired. They are incredible. I learned so much! It made me feel so normal listening to them talk. They are NORMAL people, with incredible talent and passion. SIGH....

I came away from this thing with more friends, and a renewed motivation to do more. I decided I want to design. I want to do amazing things. I ran out and got a designing notebook. I am PUMPED to start designing more. I got some delicious silky wool to design a baby aran sweater to STEEK... more to come.

Love you all! Happy Knitting:)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Trip to Utah

I just got back from visiting my family in Utah. After waking up at 3:30 and travelling ALL day... I finally made it home. I love seeing them, and it had been way too long (1 year!) A lot of things happened, and so its time to make a list:

What I did in Utah:
1. painted my niece's nails.
2. Played "go fish" with my nephew.
3. Had my 28th b-day. The kids decorated my cake... awww
4. Got hugs and kisses from the little and big guys.
5. Went ATVing! AHHHHHHH how fun!!!
6. had a "dance party" on my parents boat with my nephews.
7. Kissed pugs!
8. Went to a yarn shop in Logan. It was huge. I got a skein...
9. almost got abducted by a crazy man in SLC... scared the crap outta me.
10. knit knit knit my 3rd baby surprise.. stay tuned for picts.

OK- good list.
I really enjoyed seeing my sibling's kids. I just got super freaked out about having one. I am NOT pregnant or anything, but I dont think its that far off... BUT that trip made me question whether or not I even want to do it. KIDS. I just love my peace, my space, my freedom. I love the relationship Adam and I have, and I am not sure I want that to change. Am I being ridiculous? Does anyone understand? Whats wrong with me?

I guess I just was raised to think that my job in life is to have lots of babies. Its by "purpose". I just feel scared because I love my life. I dont want to have being kids be my LIfe... MY everything. I want to keep my life, keep my identity, keep my freedom. sigh.... maybe I will just made a bad mom. :(

OK- enough reflection. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned for knitting pictures. pictures arnt working...will happen later

ALso, I am freeking out about meeting some of my favorite designers at Purl jam!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Finally! I MADE it through my first year of teaching. I leave with mixed feelings that are new to me. I feel sadness because there is a special bond between me and my kids, and I feel that now the bond is breaking as they move on in life. I want so badly to be more to them in their lives. I want to be there... and watch them grow. It's hard knowing that now I will just be a "good teacher they had in 3rd grade". I guess I just got too attached, but I really cant help it. I love kids. Especially these ones.

I feel extreme happiness because I can REST. I can do things I have wanted to do all year, but didnt have the time or ENERGY to do them.

I feel anxious. I feel this because all I have been doing since August is work. Now... no work, and I dont know what to do with myself.

Overall, I realised a lot about myself this year as a teacher. I can honestly say that this is what I am meant to do. I guess you could say it is my calling. It feels natural to me and I am just so happy that I know now that I can do it.

I am hoping to still be here in the fall, so I can do my 2nd year here. Who knows still where we are going to be, which is so hard for Adam and I. We are just such planners... that its hard not to be able to plan for even the next few months. I have moved a lot in my life, so I know that when it is time I can do it. I just dont want to yet. I guess what will be will be and we have to do what is right for our future and our family's future.

LIST TIME!!! Here is my ambitious list for the summer:

1. Read a book.
2. Knit more baby stuff
3. Join the gym AGAIN
4. Loose some weight and try to build my self esteem. I dont want my self esteem to be dependent on my current weight. I want to love my body even during the ups and downs.
5. Sleep till AT LEAST 9 everyday.
6. Paint at least 1 painting
7. explore Virginia more.

OK thats enough.... What will really happen???

1. sit on couch
2. sleep more than 10 hours a night
3. play video games
4. eat pizza.


I hope you all will be hearing more from me via blogs, but call me- lets go out!