Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sweaters and Pickles

The saying goes something like.. "when it's right, it happens so easily" and that's what happened today with my storm sweater. Sometimes I spend so much time working on my gauge, and planning the sweater so meticulously, but when it gets down to it... nothing goes right. I have made sweaters and ripped them all out SEVERAL different times. I have started over and over again. This is just normal for me. Thats why it felt so weird with this sweater. I barely planned it, kind of looked at a pattern, and had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING, but I knit and knit, and LOOK!!! I am so proud of myself that I actually wish the weather was cool so I could actually wear it!!!

One Sweater in the bag- Oh, and Loren, NO! My ends are not woven in yet! heheheh!!!

Today was so warm and lovely that We are BQing out on the deck. I was sitting there, smelling the glorious smell of burning charcoal, and I got an idea..... hmmm.. i said... "I wonder if we could grill a pickle?" I asked Adam, and he agreed to try this experiment. Of course you can grill a pickle, you can grill anything, but will the taste buds likey? I will let you know.

I was out on Friday night, and got my foot stepped on my a girl in heals... I was bare toe. I will spare you the picture I was going to take of it. OUCH!!!!

Goodnight, and sleep tight knowing all is well with me:)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home

OK, so now I am home. What a great time I had seeing my family! Its AMAZING how fast kinds grow!! I am home, and exhausted, and now its time to blog. I really tried to make posts while I was out there, but I couldnt do pictures... and really, what is a blog without pictures? So you all are going to get an eye full of pictures in this blog. Sorry if you have no interest in my trip or my family, your getting it all anyway. I will try to make this all short so you dont get bored.

On the knitting aspect of my trip, I actually got to do some knitting at night after the kids all went to sleep, but i was so tired by then... so I only got about 6 inches on my knee high sock from Knitty. Enjoy this picture, yes I did that..

My family and I went to this place called "Fairyland". Its a mini sized theme park for mini sized people. They loved it, and adults enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves. I of course couldnt escape knitting. These pictures are of Juan Valdez the alpaca, and Bobo the Sheep. Then there was this lovely display about how yarn goes from sheep to sweater. This was my favorite part, besides the kids OF COURSE.

I am also throwing in random pictures of me and my family here.... bong tree? hmmm.....?

We also went to the zoo, and that was fun, but I see how absolutely EXHAUSTING it is to go anywhere with 5 kids. I love them all so much, but it is also nice to come home to a quiet house. :)
Now that I am home I have a horrible throat ache, and i slept in till 11:30.... wow.
I have so much to do and dont know where to start. It is so nice out today... 80 degrees!!! SPRING IS HERE!!!!

Here is a picture of all my siblings together... now you see where I come from, you understand I am not alone in crazy town. :0

Friday, March 16, 2007

Showering with pugs

Hello all- Dispite all my panic aboutthe airplane, that trip didnt kill me. I arrived yesterday afternoon in Oakland. My sister picked me up, and we went to lunch at a really yummy soul kitchen place with BQ! Oakland it totally ghetto. The view from the restaurant was an adult club with "private booths" wow...
So far I saw my sisters kids Walker and Garrett, both are so good and quiet! Walker laughs when I kiss him, and Garrett laughs when I tickle his belly!

I was very cxited to see my moms babies too. I wish I could put pictures on here... They are growing up to be so big a beautiful! This morning while taking a shower, little Jack decided he wanted to take a shower with me. He just walked right in!!!! I soaped him down and everything. Then i got Nick in too!! What a ful morning!!!!!

My sock looks GREAT!! I still cant belive I did that on the plane, on drugs..., wow.

stay tuned for my adventures this week.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I Have Issues

Hello Hello! Like my Pedicure?? My sweater looks nice too....!
Well, since I am going to be out of town for a week, i figured I better do a pretty big blog entry so here it goes.

You know how sometimes you finish a project and your like... what next? And you spend all your time looking for something, and yet nothing seems appealing or interesting. And then there are the times where it seems like even if you locked yourself in a padded cell and did nothing but knit knit knit, you still wouldnt have enough time to get everything done that you want to do? Well, I thought I was doing pretty good. I am only working on 2 sweaters, and I have one "on deck". Pretty good yeah? (thats what I say..)

Then, Saturday it was like BAM- and i was flooded with all these ideas and desires for projects. Its like I have so much in my head- I cant even keep them straight. I find myself sitting here thinking about each one, and what yarn I "need", and what colors i "need", and how I can modify this one and change that one....... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??!!

Here is a SHORT list of my new ideas.....
1. Demi (on deck) for pic see a few blogs ago....
2. Entrelac socks from the new Interweave Knits Magazine... (see pic)
3. Cable sweater (Also from this magazine) I am thinking cotton!
4. Dream Swatch.... good travelling project.
5. SOMETHING out of the new sock yarn...
6. knit toys... for my nefew... (that is crazy thinking)
7. Oh, a shawl... dont know which one.

On top of that list is the Xmas list already begining in my head...

Here is the psychologist in me... I am trying to distract myself with knitting so that I can ignore all the stuff that is stressing me out in a big way... AKA.... flying on an airplane... taking my oral examination..... getting a job.....

this is definitely what I am doing.

I think I am going crazy. I am seriously stressing out about getting on this plane. Sharon gave me some pills that I call "razzmatazz". I know we shouldnt share pills..... but.... its either share with her, or share with mango... and I feel WAY more guilty about steeling my dogs prescription anti-anxiety medication.... see, I told you I was crazy.

Anyways, I took the day off so I could "catch up" on my classwork. Here is what I have done...
1. Slept in till 10.
2. walked dogs
3. sorted bills
4. went to Barnes and Noble for magazine...
5. Coffee with Belinda.
6. Lunch at the Barnes and Noble Cafe.
7. Shopping at Target
8. blogged.

I guess its time to buckle down huh?
I might not enter another blog until I get back next week... so I better get like 20 comments....

Happy Knitting

Friday, March 9, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hello fans. Ok, fans isnt the right word... friends. I am subbing right now and the kids are busy so i thought i would write.

I was reading over the lengthy directions for my Demi sweater and I realize this project is really going to push my knitting skills. Maybe I am nuts... but can you purl through the back of the stitch? Am I going crazy??? I read it, and after my brain stopped bleeding... my heartbeat returned to normal and my eye balls went back into the sockets, I STILL want to make it. SO call me crazy.

I also have been thinking that i need to get a heckler like funbuttons... so if your looking to heckle, and want someone to heckle... here i am..
Maybe I should say something controversial... hmm.... I ..uhh.. ( Literally... 5 min have gone by)
maybe this is why i dont have a heckler.
I am now coming to a sad realization.
maybe this is why Gina has like 100 hits a day and i dont.
(filling up with self doubt)

I will spend my day thinking of something controversial for you all.... This is my mission.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Good morning

I thought you guys might enjoy this picture. This was this morning! I love my life sometimes!!! Pugs are so wonderful! Off to my exciting day of lunch with a friend at Cabo Fish Taco, work at Mosaic, and then home for Idol!
Who I think should go home...? I dont know names, but the guy with the big eyes that wore the hat last night... just had a baby... NEEDS the boot. ALSO, Sanjaui or whatever his name is should also leave. We will have to wait till tomorrow for that. Tonight we get to hear some really bad white girls....
Have a lovely day!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Whats New

OK, I can finally breath a little now that DEVIL of a test is over. I could rant and rave about how horrible it was, but I dont want to bring back the panic attack. INSTEAD, I will write about the good things in my life... knitting and family.

Well is a picture of the storm sweater, i love it, but i really do have to blend the colors, which is more of a pain, but fine. It knits up so fast and I just love the richness of it.

I also need to finish this Ultra Alpaca sweater....boring...

OH, and sew up this lizard ridge finally.... ahhh

I got the yarn to do my Demi sweater, and Gina dont hate me i got it elsewhere because I wanted purple tweed and we didnt have purple tweed.... so I found some irish purple tweed that I am in LOVE with, and I cant wait to start. I feel Guilty because i ALWAYS ALWAYS buy Mosaic because it is the BEST store in the world.... I seriously spend my pay checks there. all of them. So I dont EVER want to support shopping elsewhere... EVER, but this one time. :)

On other news, I am so excited to go visit my family in less than 2 weeks now!!! wooo hoooo!!! I am sad Adam cant go, and I am going to have to be on HEAVY medication to get on that plane.... BUt in the end I will see my whole family together again! I CANT WAIT!!!

Ok, thats enough blabbing.

Monday, March 5, 2007

I wish I was knitting

Hello Bloggers out there. I am sorry I haven't been posting as much as I would like to. I haven't been doing much but stressing about this stupid test I am about to take. I seriously don't know why I am stressing about this one. I have been in college for 9 years now (1 yr break) and I have taken hundreds of tests, why am I stressing. I normally stress, but not like this. I think Adam is rubbing off on me because I have now developed an abnormal sense of perfection when it comes to school. Anyone who knows me well knows this is a recent thing..

It doesn't help that for once in my life I actually have a 4.0 GPA. Not like I have ever cared, but now I have one... its like an egg I am scared to drop. I am in my last semester ever now, and I am scared to drop this egg. If I dropped it years ago... I would be like no big deal, lets scramble it up and eat it... but now.. The egg has come so far. Its also like Froto getting to the place the ring needs to be dropped... and it gets harder and harder to do what he needs to do. OK enough lame-o analogies.

I started a sweater out of Farmhouse Yarns color STORM... and LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I got almost 13 inches, but ripped it out to 2 inches so I could blend the skeins better. Oh well. To the knitters out there that are against ripping out... get over it now. Its a fact of life in knitting. Fact of Life.

Tomorrow will be better after this stinky test (that starts in less than 1 hour.. and I am posting a blog....sigh) eats away at me.
Goodnight and Happy knitting