Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Ho Ho Ho everyone! Well I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Adam and I went on a mini vacation to a cute little bed and breakfast in South Carolina called Barking Fox Farms. It is a dog friendly place that was a wonderful place of rest! We ate ham, slept in, watched LOTS of movies, KNIT, bathed, walked, saw horses.. ect. Santa came, and Lucy and Mango were thrilled! They were completely overwhelmed and didnt know what do do with themselves! They LOVED the special raw-hide Santa brought. They really felt like they were in heaven!!! I finished my first pair of Noro socks (dah dah!) I LOVE THEM!!! I am wearing them now, and love em. I joined Ravelry finally. It is still undecided if i will go there and enjoy it. We shall see. I am home now, and my house is a stinking mess... all I wanna do is sit here and apparently... do nothing. I work at the shop tomorrow, so I am excited about that. I am thinking about all the future projects I wanna do.... hmm... Love you all!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Thank you all who came over the other night ! It was so nice to have you all over!! I have been knitting like a maniac. I finished my tofutsies, a bee sweet scarf, and my candle flame shawl(thanks for blocking it Sandy!!). I cant put picts of them because they are secret gifts. I will later. I went to the yarn store to pick up some delicious Noro sock yarn, and got started right away! Then, I realized i needed a present for my sis:) (oops) SOOOOOO, inspired by Gina'a scarf... I made a 2 hour scarf. I went into my stash. Picked out 6 skeins... and cast on 8 on a size 19 needle and knit for almost exactly 2 hours. NICE!!! Now its done:) I took this picture, but its hard to see exactly how nice it is. Its black, white, red, and green. :) Can anyone pick out any of the yarns????

Oh, yes, This is also my new friend "Robbie". I got him at Xanadu in B-burg. I love that store and I love my new feathery merman. :) hehehehe

Love you guys!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Did I hear "Stitch and Bitch"?

I think Miranda had a very good idea. Why dont we have a gathering? My house... Say- Tuesday? 7:00? I will make a big bowl of soup, and everyone can bring something to share? SOUND FUN??

I saw this pattern on Knitty, and I am VERY serious about it:) I think I am in love!! And the store just got some awesome lace weight Prism yarn. (uh ooh)

Let me know what you guys think!!!?

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I keep leaving my camera at work because I take so many pictures of my kiddos. I cant post those pictures because of privacy policies. Plus, its just weird. SO sorry, no picts for you today. I was in the E. R on friday night. I dont think I had EVER been sick like that. I was literally on the toilet and vomiting into the bath tub. I vomitted at least every 5 min for 4 hours. I ran out of stuff to poo or throw up, so bile just came out. I felt like I was going to die. Adam, being the wonderful hubby that he is, took me into the ER.

After 2 bags of freezing liquid, and a shot of something wonderful, they sent me home. For the past 72 hours I have sat on this couch. I thought... this might be a great opportunity to knit. BUT no energy to even knit. All i have energy for is laying and sleeping. I have eaten soup, crackers, and ginger ale. woo hoo....

Today I am feeling guilty for thinking about taking off work tomorrow. WHY!? I dont know. I guess I am nuts. I need to go back to the doctor. I am having a hard time breathing in... I am bored of sitting here. BORED outta my mind. I would like to og into the yarn store, but no energy, and I dont wanna get people sick.

OK< enough waa waa complaining from me.
Gina tagged me on her MEME so here is my info.
8 things you dont know about me.

1. I think about death and dying probably 10 times a day.
2. I space out for long periods of time at least 10 times a day.
3. I would rather be a little over weight than an obnoxious health nut.
4. I secretly dream of being a famous singer.
5. I love kids, but am scared of having my own.
6. I have to eat everything evenly on my plate so that i have my last bite of everything at the same time.
7. I dont shave my legs in the winter.
8. Sometimes I think about shaving my head and wearing wigs, or just shaving my head.

Love you all. See you soon!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

ooh hello

Hi everyone! Here I am once again after a long day of work. I am sitting on the couch watching Jeopardy, and waiting for the Bachelor to come on. Anyone with me? I am proud to say that I have finished my cashmere scarf, but I left my camera at work, so maybe tomorrow. Amazingly, it came out pERFECT and i am so in love with it! I am going to pick up my knitting here in a min, and thought I would look at to see what is new there, and I found this... and I serously love the stinking thing. ahhh... well, maybe.

Work is going fine. It feels like I am always behind, but i love my kids, and really DO look forward to everyday:)

Ok, thats it. Let me know that you guys are alive:)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Things I say in one day...

Come in quietly, Have a seat, SIT DOWN, is that yours? DO i need to know that right now? Now is not the time. Raise your hand please. Why are you out of your seat? What are you supposed to be doing right now? When are you SUPPOSED to sharpen your pencil? Your FINE. No, you cannot go tot the nurse, If I see that again, its mine..., Is THAT how to get me? Is that how you ask? Thank you., Good job, Keep trying, your off to a good start, thank you for working hard, No, you can not get ice. DOnt forget to put your name on your paper. Dont forget to put the seat down. Did you do that? Please throw that away, Please pick that up. Please HAVE A SEAT. Where is your name? Please open your book to page 25. We are on page 25. Page 25. 25. 25. .... Where were you when i gave directions? 25. Only if its an emergency. Try getting a drink of water. Im sorry, you cannot go to the nurse. There is nothing the nurse can do. FIne, go get ice. WHOS PAPER IS THIS? hands by your side. Voices are off... off... Why am I still hearing voices? Looks like you can do that during recess. I am looking for a quiet helper... hmmm... whos sitting quietly? I am having a hard time choosing a quiet helper... Which group looks ready to go? Have a seat. Get out your... EYES on your OWN paper! How can you learn if you dont try? The rules are there to protect you. no, you dont need a bandaid... Try hard. Try your best. Take your time. Hurry up. Slow down. Hands to yourself. Is that using your manners? Thank you. Please? DOnt forget your homework. See you tomorrow. Get some rest@!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cashmere pleasures

I wanted to share with you all how my cashmere scarf is coming along. This is that special yarn that my awesome hubby gave me the other night. I am doing a single ribbed scarf. Its the perfect project for me right now. Easy, rewarding, and oh so wonderful. I LOVE the pattern that it is making! I hope the second skein keeps it up! We shall see.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hanging by a thread

Oh hello everyone. I dont have anything interesting or exciting. I have no pictures, and I am not going to apologize. I am considering quitting this whole blog thing because I just CANT keep up on posting regular blogs. SO either you guys have to be happy with an occasional blog here and there... or I can give up. I just dont want to feel this sense of obligation to the blog anymore. Let me know. :)

So everything is fine with me. I am knitting about a row a week.... Sleeping too little, worrying too much, and way too tired. My kids are AWESOME though, but they consume me. completely. This job consumes me. I put so much in, and love it so much, but I feel like that is ALL i do. All I want to do. My job is becoming an obsession. I cant decide if thats bad...because I love it too... sigh....

fun list time!!!
Things that have happened in my class so far:
1. broken arm.
2.. projectile vomit
3. pee on the seat
4. pee on the floor
5. pee in the pants
6. hugs
7. girls starting social exclusion
8. smiles
9. sweaty butt cheeks
10. screams
11. tears
12. jazz hands

love you guys!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cashmere is a Girls Best Friend

So about a week ago I briefly mentioned to Adam how much I love the new Artyarns cashmere. When we went to Kobe the other day we went in real quick and I showed him a bunch of stuff including the yarn I have been having some serious fantasies about. Last night I took a bath, and climbed into bed. Whats this? Something crunchy at my feet. I reach down... and pull out a Mosaic bag with... whats that? 2 skeins of artyarns cashmere?? OHMYGOD! Yeah, needless to say, I have the worlds best husband. Sorry no picture.... I left my camera at work- wait and it will come... now the big question... WHAT SHOULD I MAKE!!??

Something else interesting happened today. I was driving home from work and i was hungry. I wanted Chinese... I called Adam and he gave me a number for a Chinese place which I THOUGHT was the one over here by food lion. I called, ordered for pick up. I didnt leave my name or number or anything. I stopped at the place by food lion, and of course, That wasnt the right place. SO i just ordered food there and came home. I didnt wanna go all the way to the other place!! SO I get home and enjoy my tasty dumplings... when my cell phone rings. I pick up... "Hello?" I say. "Hello.. you order Chinese food?" said a woman's voice on the line. (I panic...) "Hello...? Hello?!!" I say, pretending not to hear her. "Sorry, I cant hear you" and I hang up. I feel really bad. I only ordered potstickers and lo mein. Im sure they will eat it, or give to the next customer. I feel bad, and they have called again, using a different number. I just wont answer my phone. Gee..

Otherwise, I am pooped. Tired, exhausted, fatigued, spent, wiped out...
Love you all!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Fun Weekend

Hello all my friends:) I just finished up a great 3 day weekend. After a long week of teaching, Adam and I went off to Charlottesville for a couple days. We stayed in the Omni Hotel in a really nice room! We went to visit Thomas Jefferson's plantation, which made us feel like old people... but we really liked it! We took the tour and saw the graveyard. We went to dinner at Ludwigs Snitzellhouse which was SPECTACULAR! Wow...
Then, we went walking around town. The town is really cute!! I ran into Whitney, which was awesome!

Then we came home, and today Alison, Ashley, and I went to Chateau Morrisete for lunch! It was beautiful and super yummy!!! Over all, i had a wonderful weekend. I hope this week is good. I sense fall and that makes me happy too!!

OOOOOK- so knitting party my house on Friday night (Is that OK Bel... or you want to do it?) Say 6:30.. Bring something to eat to share!

If you dont know how to get here, email me and I will let you know.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I made it.

Oh my gosh I cant feel my legs. NO i CAN feel them, but they are in serious pain. I did it... I finished my 1st day at school... Let me run you through my emotional state real quick...
Last Night:
oh my gosh
Can I do this? cry cry cry
What if..... what if.... what else...
pizza sounds good....
xanax sounds good...
sleepy time...

This AM:
I am still tired.
I shouldnt have had that xanax...
I need coffee...
this coffee sucks.

Lets do this...

My kids are adorable. My classroom is unbearably hot. My kids seem like they will be good. I cant believe I did all that today. My throat hurts from talking... My feet hurt from walking.. I am not sitting on my couch... pooped.
thats that... lets see if i can do this stuff all year. I hope it gets easier.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Won!

I woke up today and checked out Gina's blog and was seriously soooo excited to see that I had won her contest! Now the huge question is WHAT do i make?!! I seriously need your help!!! My brain is fried and i have been searching online to get ideas. I found this picture, and its super pretty... GIMMIE IDEAS please!!!!!!!
Adam comes home in the AM so I might not blog for a couple days, but keep the ideas coming!!!!
Thanks Gina!

PS I like the back sweater..

Friday, August 3, 2007

Classroom Fun

Hey everyone! I am sure you are all convinced that i have dropped off the planet because I no longer work at Mosaic, but i am still here! I spent all week working in my classroom and I am physically exhausted. I am so glad I could get in there early because the more people come in, the more tempted i will be to gab instead of getting things done.

I have gotten a lot done in my room, and finally feel like... this is actually happening. I am actually going to be a teacher. I got my class list and cant wait to meet each one of them. I hope they are sweet:)

I knit today during a mathematics training seminar! Woo hoo! I impressed myself even. I can knit that candleflame shawl without looking at the pattern. amazing.

I dont have a picture, so to bad for you. :) I miss you all!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

24 hours

It has been almost exactly 24 hours since I opened my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. 24 hours ago I grasped it with eager excitement, and now I set down probably one of the best books I have ever read. DONT WORRY. I AM NOT A SPOILER (you can continue reading if you havent finished yet) I dont think I have ever encountered a book series that actually made me feel part of the book. It was like that old movie The Never Ending Story... Like I was watching it actually happen. Maybe it was just the endless hours of reading... .but I feel like I just heard their voices, like I was in the room. AMAZING. AMAZING. BRAVO!
Now, I sleep. I am sure I will dream about magic:)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Im on FIRE!!!

Feast your eyes on this!!!
For the pattern go here: Candleflame

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Lookie Here! I am so incredibly excited about my new yarn, I am freaking out:) Today my wonderful boss, Gina, gave me my b-day present of yarn:) I picked out this yummy Fleece Artist Sea Wool and paired it up with these others. Aren't they beautiful?!!!! The other yarns are 1. Louet Euroflax (270 yards) 2. Bamboo Soft (112 yards)3. Sublime kid mohair blend (122 yards).
The Sea Wool has an amazing 350 meters! Now... big question. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS!!!??? Help Help Help- and DONT say CLAP!!! Any other suggestions are welcome!!!

By the way, my "bridesmaid" shawl is almost done... stay tuned for final picture.

On other news, I finally finished Harry Potter 6. WOW, these books are amazing. I cant remember the last time a book made me feel this way... amazing. Now, on Fri at Midnight there will be some crazy ladies wearing handknit house scarfs at the book release at midnight. Allison, Loren is comming too:) woo hoo:) Stay tuned for that picture too. Love you all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Bliss

Well, I dont have much to write today, but I am sure your all just DYING to hear from me:) What am I up to? Well, I guess I am just trying to enjoy my summer and not stress. I know the more relaxation I get... the nicer my school year will be. I have been working at the yarn store a few days a week, and the rest of the time has been filled with shopping, lunch with friends, and A LOT of sitting on my couch... watching People's Court, playing the SIMS, knitting, and Reading Harry Potter. Ahhh...... nice.

What am I knitting? You ask. Well, I decided I needed something so easy and lazy like my summer. I saw this pattern in the book Wedding Knits I am making the Bridesmaid Shawl. I will get you guys a picture as soon as I feel like taking the picture:) I am making it out of the WONDERFUL Sublime mohair. NICE!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Its so stinking easy. You cast on like 84... K1P1 for 3 feet... make a slit for armhole... knit 1 foot... slit 2... knit 3 feet. Then pick up stitches for sleaves... wahla!

I have also been planing my upcoming classroom. I found a rocking chair and a bunch of books at the thrift store. LOVE THAT too!

Have fun guys- enjoy your summer too!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Now Serving.... Another Failure.

Look's like my faithful butler, Henry, is serving up the main course... 376 grams of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK. This fab yarn was once a v-neck wrap sweater (sleeveless), and THEN it was a Stockinette vest... and now, after tonight's Frogging... it is served as the main course in my failure as a knitter.

The yarn looks much better now that it is neatly wound up in balls. It seems happier now. It was so unhappy as that crappy over sized vest that made me look so fat. It sits here in this bowl... looking at me.. begging me to make it beautiful.... begging me to make this time the last. It it tired of being knit and unravelled and knit and blocked and unravelled again. Its looking tired and worn before it's life has even begun.

I am frustrated by knitting right now. I think I need a break. I cant knit any project right now, and nothing is exciting me. I guess that happens. Maybe some sexy new pattern or yarn will turn me on again. For now, I play the SIMS, and Maybe catch up on Harry Potter.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home

This trip is over and not without its share of DRAMA!! Adam and I are POOPED!! We got into Charlotte at around midnight and found our baggage was NOT there. (SIGH) we waited in line for another hour and drove home to our pugs and our bed around 4:30 AM. It seems like we have been gone FOREVER.

BAD NEWS though.... I took a skein of each color extra on this trip for my Hanne Mermaid. I knit on the way out and somehow left that ziplock in the rental car. I only had 1 skein of the sand color and thought that I must have more at home... BUT NO. I am dead out. anyone out there with any to spare??!!! I seriously dont know what to do. AHHHHHH. SO i cant knit that, so i thought now I will buckle down and focus on DEMI, when i found that Lucy had gotten her paws on my pattern and shred it. WHY!!! AHHHHH!!!
I finally feel like I have some time to get some knitting done, and I cant do either of my projects! I DONT WANT TO START A NEW ONE (Imagine me kicking and screaming right now) AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyways, enjoy the picts.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Beach Babe

We are having a great time in Ca and time is flying by really fast!! Yesterday was the summer solstice, and we were at a place on the beach called "natural bridge" at sunset. We were all wearing white shirts and jeans and got our pictures taken professionally at the beach. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening!!! We also had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Cafe Sparrow. YUM!!

Today we are hanging out with Erin, adam's sister. I think we are going to go to Monterey to shop or go tot he aqarium. I will be sure to take pictures of this. Adam's 10 year reunion is this evening too- I hope we have a good time:)

I hope everyone else is having a good week!! Stay tunes for more adventures.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Going back to Cali

Hello fellow Bloggers. Adam and I are about to take our bi-yearly trip to the west coast to visit our family. It's a trip we look forward to, and were excited to go:) Luckily we got our good friend John to house sit and stay with our babies! That makes things a lot easier for us:)

So now I am faced with the all too familiar dilemma... What will be this trip's knitting project?? Should I carry around my Hanne... with all her skeins and bulkiness? Should I pull out one of my other UFO's? SIGH.... Last trip I knitted about 6inches of the sock from KNITTY and i havent touched it since. I have no idea where I am in this cabled pattern... SIGH
Here are my choices to knit- I NEED YOUR HELP!!
1. Suck it up and take Hanne. I could get a lot done...
2. Start the other sock in my existing sock....
3. Start a new project completely...

what should I do!!!??? I dont have a new project in mind. SIGH SIGH SIGH

On other news. I had a GREAT b-day once again! Adam and I went to lunch at Cabo Fish Taco... yum.. Dinner at Kabuki, and cake and wii with friends afterwards! Thank you all for you wishes of a good b-day because they came true!!
PLUS- I got a new cell phone and wonderful shoes! (ohmygod, SHOES!)
I might not blog for a few days due to trip! Love you all!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

They say its Flag day...

So Thursday is flag day, which is reason to celebrate indeed because we love the flag. ALSO... its my birthday! Woo hoo! I don't know why it is, but I love my birthday :) I remember growing up my b-day was always such a special day. Here are some b-days I remember from my past...
1. 5th b-day (?) my mom got a clown to come juggle fire- pony rides
2. My Little Pony Cake. I loved that cake mom!!!
3. My brother in tight boyscout shorts playing "Miss MIss" to win some silly puddy!!
4. The pool party.. first co-ed party
5. Party at the mini golf place. I got TONS of NKOTB stuff!!! (New Kids on the Block)
6. Slumber parties...
7. Roller skate party (was that mine?)

I'm sure there are more memories, but I cant remember EVERYTHING! I basically think birthdays are so fun because you can do what you want and everyone is nice to you. Shouldn't everyday be that way?~~
Anyways, I'm having cake and ice cream at 7 at my house. If you are interested... (and not someone creepy...) you can come. Email me and i will tell you more. is my email... for now, enjoy this picture!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Whats up?

Hey everyone! I thought I would blog tonight because I am a sick face and stuck on my couch. I feel like crap, and NYQuil will soon help me. I hope this is the worst of it. I hate being sick.

So, whats new with me? You ask. Well... not much. Yesterday after work I was enjoying my dinner at KOBE with Adam when someone ran in shouting "is that your dog in the road?" She proceeded to tell me that a Boston Terrier was running loose in the Mosaic parking lot. Well, it wasnt a Boston, it was a white short haired Chihuahua. I chased him around until a nice lady helped grab him. He was scared. I took him around the parking lot asking people if he was theirs since he didnt have a tag. THEN... the little lady that does my nails, Kim, runs out of her store yelling "THAT MY DOG THAT MY DOG!!!" Then she grabbed him and kissed him and stared running back to the store with him. I didnt feel right about it so I yelled. "Whats his name"... she laughed, and took him in the store. I almost left him. I turned around to walk away when i saw him chasing after me... ears back and terrified. To Kim, it was a silly joke. To me, i thought it was not funny to say the least. What would have happened if I left him.. geee...

Then I took the guy around to the surrounding apartments. We walked and talked to people on the street... knocked on doors. NO LUCK. I had him for 2.5 hours. I finally went and sat at SBucks. Finally his real owner found us. I hope little "ROcky" is happy tonight. (I liked the name i gave him better- KOBE"

Fun story-
On the knitting side of my life- Hanne is exactly half way through. I love it. I just wrapped up the knit sleeping mask I made for my friend. I made it from Debbie Bliss pure silk. It was FABULOUS!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Road Trip!

Well, I'm home now after a wonderful road trip with my Mosaic friends to TNNA in Ohio. I had such a WONDERFUL time and I have such high expectations for a WONDERFUL blog entry, but I am exhausted and dont even know what to write or how to start SOOO.... I will do what I do best... make a list of memorable things from the trip. No order.
1. People I met: Debbie Bliss, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Louisa Harding, Maggie Jackson, Jane Ellison, Anne Modesitt, Amy Singer, Nicky Epstein,

Places I went: Hyatt, WONDERFUL restaurant, vogue fashion show, vogue coctail party, TNNA convention...

Memorable Moments:
Cornelia telling me that I was "so cute!" while eating breakfast with us..
Debbie bliss kissing my cheek,
Talking to Sion Elalouf with food on my face, Farting at the vogue party, Laughing SO hard at dinner, Singing the Beatles songs with Debbie like a couple of drunken sailors, Talking about EVERYTHING imaginable with the ladies... and I mean EVERYTHING. Debbie's hot flashes, Belinda's spazms, Gina's long sighs...ahhhhhh...., Loren passed out comatose on the bed with open pizza box and blaring TV... Debbies skin peeling, Bel's hand washing, and Gina's face while saying "oh my god! SHOES!" Lorens foot Blisters...

We saw amazing yarn, amazing people, and had the best time getting to know eachother better. Over all, 2 thumbs up to TNNA trip 2007. I cant wait for 2008!!

PS: the pictures in order are:
Us at dinner, Me with Louisa H., Us with Cornelia at breakfast, The two debbies, Me and the wonderful designers of the t-shirts they are wearing! MORE pictures to come.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

TNNA or Bust!

Here I am packing for this trip with the friends from Mosaic. I am excited:) Im sure I will have interesting stories for my blog when we get back. My goals.... Meet Debbie Bliss... Hanne F. (dream on mimi...) Hopefully all us ladies will fit in the hotel room.... hmm... Stay tuned. I will be back Sunday.

Monday, May 28, 2007

You asked for it....

I just looked at Gina's blog and she wants to see whats in my purse. Her purse had just a couple things in it.... nice and tidy.... Debbie's purse also had normal stuff in it. You guys seriously want to see the dark abyss that is my purse? Here you go.
First things first... I have MANY purses. I picked the top 2 most used, and chose the messiest one. I didnt filter anything out. I literally dumped it out on the table and took the picture. Its not pretty. enjoy!

Purse 1:
1 random black glove. (not mine by the way?)
check book (that i never use)
3 pencils. 1 pen.
1 random nut... still left to be determined..
airplane ticket to Oakland.
1 mending plate package. (I dont know what it is, Adam gave to me because his friend was going to throw it out...)
1 skein Maggies Irish Linen, tangled in my ipod earphones and a hair clip.
1 pay check
rubberband, 8 #1 doouble pointed needles, and a broken one., stich holder, clover cutting thing..
lifesaver gummies, nailfile, RECEIPTS!

Drugs in the bag include:
1. gas-ex
2. Halls
3. Rolaids
4. Robitussm
5. Fexofenadine (Allergies, i think. I dont take them)
6. Nazonex (empty)
7. Xanax
8. Razamataz (not the technical name...)
9. Midol
10. Phenylephine (Also, i think allergy meds... dont take)
11. Loratadine (Again, not sure...)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wrapped in Ridges

Finally- Let me introduce you to the completed Lizard Ridge!! I started her on New Years Day, and finished the squares in like Feb. BUT it took me twice as long to sew it together as it did to actually knit it. WHEEEW! Tip to those that want to embark on this wonderful project... Knit it in strips. Don't cast off when you change colors...and then you will just have strips to sew. Anyways, you guys like??

On other news...
Does any one out there suffer from extremely vivid dreams every night? Its like lately i am actually scared to go to sleep because my dreams are so bad... I mean BAD. I was having bad teacher anxiety dreams, and i wished those away. My wish came true, but now they were replaced with horrid dreams about death. The kind of dreams that stick with you all day, like you spent the night up crying. They just feel so real.

Am I alone? Any tips on how to get rid of these?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why I am really a PUG....

I know you all know I love pugs, I have two pugs, I do pug rescue, and forced pugs on my parents...but do you really know that i AM a pug. I am... and here is why.

1. I love to eat. Love isnt the right word. I ADORE food. I, like a pug, if left to my own devices, would eat all day until I got sick.
2. I love to sleep and lay. L-A-Z-Y.
3. I am generally happy, and love it when people are nice to me. I might even wiggle...
4. I am friendly. especially when given food... sleep... and a nice lap to lay on.
5. Sometimes I go crazy and run around my house with only my underwear. In Mango's case, she would also have my underwear....
6. I shed. Seriously, I shed.
7. I am known to make strange noises in my sleep.

Is this so bad? I was at my Weight watcher meeting tonight when my leader reminded me that I just need to find some kind of activity that I LIKE to do. This is what prompted this blog. The problem with me is that the only activities I enjoy doing are done sitting, or laying. I am doomed with this pug curse...but i am happy.
PS: Thanks Theresa for the lovely pict!

Monday, May 14, 2007


This month has been such a huge one for me. I am finally sitting on my couch, in my PJ's, knitting my Hanne Faukenburg, and preparing to watch the Bachelor. This month has been full, and I feel like I am finally at a break, and I can breath.
I have been so happy knowing that come fall, I will be a third grade teacher at a school I love, surrounded by teachers I love and admire.
Now I will be working at the knitting store more, which is wonderful cause I LOATH subbing. LOATH. I like that word. Do you guys find yourself saying a word and loving or hating it right away. I feel a list coming on. ....cant resist...... (Adam is now explaining the reasoning behind garter stitch to me.. i love him)

Words I HATE: (Excluding vulgar words)
1. Slit
2. Swipe
3. Sticky
4. Smear
5. Plaque

Words I like:
1. Hoist
2. Package
3. Turpitude
4. Scandal
5. Titty Caca

haha.. I amuse myself. Keep in mind this list is only because the word SOUNDS...say them to yourself... you might like them too...

As for this picture.... If you ever asked yourself what would happen if a pug mated with an owl... look no further.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I have been so busy with everything this week I feel guilty for not blogging to let you all know whats going on in my life. I graduated! I dont think that has actually sunk in yet. I will probably still think about registering or something...getting books... My parents flew in from CA and my grandparents from KY. It was so nice having them all here!! I wish they all lived here! ok, not in my house....but nearby! :)
TOday I have an old friend, Michelle coming to visit from CT. She and I used to be close and so I am really exited to see her and catch up with her.
I am knitting away all the hokie squares. I had my mom and gma doing them too. NICE! I also have been chipping away at the massive Mermaid sweater. Its looking really good. I will get a picture soon. Surprisingly, its a really well written pattern. Thats always nice.
Anyways, I gotta go- will post picts later...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Hello Hello! I know you must be thinking.. "2 blogs in one day?!!" Yes my friends, today is a 2 blog kinda day. Besides all the new found fame my hands found in the NY Times, I also had a lot more happen today.

As of today, I am a third grade teacher. :) WOO HOOOO not only that, but I finished my last class ever, and i am DONE DONE DONE with school!! Now, all i have to do is go to graduation ceremony. I feel so many crazy emotions all at once, the shock is here, and all the stress hormones that have filled me up this past week still need to get out of my system. I still feel really anxious, but now I feel excited... thrilled... nervous... scared...impatient... and tired.

What a day! I love you all- and thank you for putting up with me:)

New York Times

I only have a second to blog today cause I have my LAST class EVER to go to tonight! I got a call from Gina, and its true... Mosaic is in the NY Times! Here are the pictures taken, Those hands... MINE!!! (and my square)Sharon said maybe this is my chance... I will be discovered as the hand model I should have always been... hehe
No news on job today yet. I am being hopeful, and trying not to panic. Go get your copy of the times today!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lady in Waiting

Well it just seems like right now i am waiting. Waiting for graduation. Waiting to hear about this job. Waiting to see my parents. Waiting to see what my life will be like. Waiting for summer. Waiting to have to say goodbye to this pug I adore. Waiting to go out in public and not see people cry or talk about horrible stories about the shootings. Stories that haunt my dreams lately. I guess I am like a little kid that needs to be sheltered from stories like this. I feel bad but I dont want to talk about what happened at VT anymore. Tired.

I am however making squares. I feel a peace knowing that I am contributing to this cause. They are also calming me down. I had a bon fire the other night and a bunch of us gals sat around the fire knitting hokie squares. That was nice. This morning the photographer from the NY Times came and took pictures of us knitting. Weird. Companies sent boxes of hokie colored yarn in to donate to the cause. Amazing.

Here is a picture of Lucy and Spike together. I dont know how I am going to let this guy go. I just have to have faith that his life will be so good with his new family. When he is gone Mango might start loving me again. Even though she is right here- I miss her. I have to do whats right even though my heart will break.

I will let you guys all know about this job as soon as I hear. Love you all.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeling Girllie and Squirrley

So here is a picture of the outfit I will be wearing to my interview today. I love this look, and i think it looks good. Any comments? I was going to wear a suit.. but its in the upper 70's today, so i am wearing my suit skirt with this shirt and shiny belt.
I am going to lunch and nails with my friend Kat and a haircut! Girlie day! What is it with me, I have become such a girl!!! Yesterday I went shopping with Belinda. Last week I had a girls day with Sharon in Roanoke. I have to admit all this girlie-ness makes me feel good about myself. I love spending time with my girlfriends and doing stuff like shop... eat... pedicures... Why didnt i do this more often? Anyone else wanna do a girls day- Im game, cause I am girly and proud! :)

Wish me luck! Interview is at 6. I am nervous.... i need to take some Imodium!!!
Love you all!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ann Zieity

Hello blog friends. I am writing tonight out of 1/2 open eye lids. I am tired. I have been so full of so may different feeling this past week that i am literally tired of feeling. My default emotion when i am stressed out is my old friend Ann Zieity. She is here visiting along with her hard-to-handle twin, Pan Ic Attack. They only visit when i really dont want them too... and they are here, and i am left haunted by horrible dreams, and my chest feels like I have 3 fat pugs sitting on me. Maybe I do have 3 fat pugs on me...

I dont want to whine your ears off about my crazy head- but i do want to thank all of you that are my friends. You may not know this, but its been a LONG time since I feel like I actually have true friends. When I was younger... I had LOTS of friends, but I am not sure if i really liked them.. or if they liked me for that matter. I moved in the middle of HS, and had a really hard time in the friend department. College came and went, and i guess i had no time for friends. But i had no idea what Blacksburg had in store for me. I am surrounded by all of you! I know that if i needed you to complain to... to whine to... or to go with me to lunch/coffee, you would be there. Thank you. I cant tell you how much that means to me.

I am having a bonfire/knitting thing Wednesday- email me if your interested.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Blog

OK, i guess its time for another blog from me. I am sure you are all waiting eagerly. First of all I just want everyone to know that we are ok. The events that happened on campus Monday seemed to shake up everyone and it all leaves me feeling very numb. I hate that this happened. I hate how sad I feel for all the friends and family of those effected. I hate how guilty I feel being thankful it wasn't Adam.. or me. I hate how I cant watch TV. I guess I am so full of these feelings that i don't feel like doing anything. All I want to do it sit on my couch and knit.. and play my wii.

I wish i could say something wonderful that would touch the hearts of everyone reading this. I wish I could type magic words that let everyone know how this event has changed me for the better.. and how I have such a new sense of meaning in my life because of it... and i feel so much closer to my town for it.... but I cant. All i can say is that i feel crappy... everyone around me feels crappy about it... and its just going to take time for everyone to feel normal again.

On other news- I lost .5 pounds this week, I found a home for foster pug "Spike", I graduate in 2 weeks, I finished ultra alpaca sweater (stay tuned for pic), I have 2 interviews this week, My parents might be coming for graduation, my grandparents too... :) AND the scab on my toe (from getting stepped on) has fallen off. WOW EXCITEMENT!

Love you all!
PS... the picture was taken by me at the memorial ceremony when the president spoke. I was on the football stadium at the time.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Giving In

So I gave in to the peer pressure and got myself a Hanne Falkenburg kit. I told myself I wouldn't, but I have been staring at this poster hanging up in the store for weeks. When we had the trunk show it was the one that i loved... but we didnt have that color because Debbie got to it first. I thought I was safe. wrong... oh so wrong.
I love it, and I am so happy i have it. There is something about this kit that makes me feel so excited. I hold the plastic box it came in and gaze into the top... all the yarn looks so neat and perfect. The colors are so soothing and soft. I laid in bed the other night and read over the entire pattern. I think i was more captivated by this pattern than most books recently. I love the tag that was so thoughtfully paper cliped to the pattern.
Its like someone else has already done all the hard parts of the project, she figured it out... and I can relax and feel safe... this pattern wont hurt me because I am not the first to try. I can enjoy and see the masterpiece come alive.
I never knew knitting was like this before. I never understood, but now I feel part of this awesome universe of knitting. Its such a passion in me, to create, to constantly learn...

I feel a list coming on.....
OBJECTS that EXCITE ME! (get your heads out of the gutter- GINA and Sharon!)

1. a bag of yarn.. untouched and mine.
2. a box of unused crayons.
3. a martini glass, they are beautiful.
4. The blink on my answering machine.
5. a bed that is made.
6. Fresh cut flowers.
7. a can of cream of mushroom soup.
8. a new notebook... unused.
9. a new wallet.
10. a new knitting bag, waiting to be filled.

I am off to a cup of hot tea and a cup of icecream. Have a wonderful night!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 pugs, Demi, and the Devil

So I am fostering the sweetest little guy this week. I hope he finds a home soon, or I might lose it. I am just all pugged out, and stressing. Lucy has an ear infection so I had to take her to the doctor. She has them chronically, so you think they would just give me medicine... but no.. had to take her in. I couldnt leave Spike (new foster) because he scratches up the doors... and Mango just about threw a HISSY fit when not only did she not get to sleep in her bed last night and had to sleep on a air mattress with her mom and dad (and the foster she hates), but she was just about to be left alone while mama took lucy and him on a fun car ride.

I felt so bad, and I was worried to come home to a house left alone with a spiteful, jealous, diva beast pug... so she came with us. 3 pugs... in my car... at the vet... I cant even explain the chaos and stress this situation brought. Spike refuses to sit in the chair in the car and tried every 2 second to get on my lap. I dont think i have ever met a more stubborn dog. Lucy and mango are whining in the back, and I cant even hear the radio over all the snorts, heavy breathing, and whining. NOT TO MENTION the yelling I had to do every 2 seconds to keep him off my lap.
We got there, and the party began. heres how it went:

Bark Bark Bark "Can I help you" (Receptionist) "BARK BARK WHINE GROWL YELP "What!?" (me) BARK HUMP HUMP YELL GROWL... meanwhile wrapping my legs up in leash so i cant walk. "Uh... why dont you guys come in a room" (I limp in the room while one pug pulls me in, one pug pulls me back, and another (lucy) is wrapping me up some more. We get in the room... Spike goes on a hump fest, lucy hides in the corner and whines, and mango wants on my lap. Then I get the doctor who lectures me again about how obese my dogs are... YADA YADA YADA, i get home, drenched in rain, Wendy's in hand (which is cold and wet.. and they didnt give me my ranch!), and I am back in the computer room... away from any canine. I think If this scene were a movie... the part in the end when I yelled... my face would have morphed into a devil.

Heres a stinking picture of Demi, who is beautiful, but incredibly stressful. Gosh, I need a break. SERENITY NOW!!!

I actually feel better after taking those angry pictures. That mad one actually freaks me out!! I was laughing so hard at them that it cheered me up a bit.