Friday, September 28, 2007

Things I say in one day...

Come in quietly, Have a seat, SIT DOWN, is that yours? DO i need to know that right now? Now is not the time. Raise your hand please. Why are you out of your seat? What are you supposed to be doing right now? When are you SUPPOSED to sharpen your pencil? Your FINE. No, you cannot go tot the nurse, If I see that again, its mine..., Is THAT how to get me? Is that how you ask? Thank you., Good job, Keep trying, your off to a good start, thank you for working hard, No, you can not get ice. DOnt forget to put your name on your paper. Dont forget to put the seat down. Did you do that? Please throw that away, Please pick that up. Please HAVE A SEAT. Where is your name? Please open your book to page 25. We are on page 25. Page 25. 25. 25. .... Where were you when i gave directions? 25. Only if its an emergency. Try getting a drink of water. Im sorry, you cannot go to the nurse. There is nothing the nurse can do. FIne, go get ice. WHOS PAPER IS THIS? hands by your side. Voices are off... off... Why am I still hearing voices? Looks like you can do that during recess. I am looking for a quiet helper... hmmm... whos sitting quietly? I am having a hard time choosing a quiet helper... Which group looks ready to go? Have a seat. Get out your... EYES on your OWN paper! How can you learn if you dont try? The rules are there to protect you. no, you dont need a bandaid... Try hard. Try your best. Take your time. Hurry up. Slow down. Hands to yourself. Is that using your manners? Thank you. Please? DOnt forget your homework. See you tomorrow. Get some rest@!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cashmere pleasures

I wanted to share with you all how my cashmere scarf is coming along. This is that special yarn that my awesome hubby gave me the other night. I am doing a single ribbed scarf. Its the perfect project for me right now. Easy, rewarding, and oh so wonderful. I LOVE the pattern that it is making! I hope the second skein keeps it up! We shall see.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hanging by a thread

Oh hello everyone. I dont have anything interesting or exciting. I have no pictures, and I am not going to apologize. I am considering quitting this whole blog thing because I just CANT keep up on posting regular blogs. SO either you guys have to be happy with an occasional blog here and there... or I can give up. I just dont want to feel this sense of obligation to the blog anymore. Let me know. :)

So everything is fine with me. I am knitting about a row a week.... Sleeping too little, worrying too much, and way too tired. My kids are AWESOME though, but they consume me. completely. This job consumes me. I put so much in, and love it so much, but I feel like that is ALL i do. All I want to do. My job is becoming an obsession. I cant decide if thats bad...because I love it too... sigh....

fun list time!!!
Things that have happened in my class so far:
1. broken arm.
2.. projectile vomit
3. pee on the seat
4. pee on the floor
5. pee in the pants
6. hugs
7. girls starting social exclusion
8. smiles
9. sweaty butt cheeks
10. screams
11. tears
12. jazz hands

love you guys!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cashmere is a Girls Best Friend

So about a week ago I briefly mentioned to Adam how much I love the new Artyarns cashmere. When we went to Kobe the other day we went in real quick and I showed him a bunch of stuff including the yarn I have been having some serious fantasies about. Last night I took a bath, and climbed into bed. Whats this? Something crunchy at my feet. I reach down... and pull out a Mosaic bag with... whats that? 2 skeins of artyarns cashmere?? OHMYGOD! Yeah, needless to say, I have the worlds best husband. Sorry no picture.... I left my camera at work- wait and it will come... now the big question... WHAT SHOULD I MAKE!!??

Something else interesting happened today. I was driving home from work and i was hungry. I wanted Chinese... I called Adam and he gave me a number for a Chinese place which I THOUGHT was the one over here by food lion. I called, ordered for pick up. I didnt leave my name or number or anything. I stopped at the place by food lion, and of course, That wasnt the right place. SO i just ordered food there and came home. I didnt wanna go all the way to the other place!! SO I get home and enjoy my tasty dumplings... when my cell phone rings. I pick up... "Hello?" I say. "Hello.. you order Chinese food?" said a woman's voice on the line. (I panic...) "Hello...? Hello?!!" I say, pretending not to hear her. "Sorry, I cant hear you" and I hang up. I feel really bad. I only ordered potstickers and lo mein. Im sure they will eat it, or give to the next customer. I feel bad, and they have called again, using a different number. I just wont answer my phone. Gee..

Otherwise, I am pooped. Tired, exhausted, fatigued, spent, wiped out...
Love you all!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Fun Weekend

Hello all my friends:) I just finished up a great 3 day weekend. After a long week of teaching, Adam and I went off to Charlottesville for a couple days. We stayed in the Omni Hotel in a really nice room! We went to visit Thomas Jefferson's plantation, which made us feel like old people... but we really liked it! We took the tour and saw the graveyard. We went to dinner at Ludwigs Snitzellhouse which was SPECTACULAR! Wow...
Then, we went walking around town. The town is really cute!! I ran into Whitney, which was awesome!

Then we came home, and today Alison, Ashley, and I went to Chateau Morrisete for lunch! It was beautiful and super yummy!!! Over all, i had a wonderful weekend. I hope this week is good. I sense fall and that makes me happy too!!

OOOOOK- so knitting party my house on Friday night (Is that OK Bel... or you want to do it?) Say 6:30.. Bring something to eat to share!

If you dont know how to get here, email me and I will let you know.