Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello friends and family!

Lately I have really become obsessed with plants. I am proud that I have somehow managed to keep someplants alive for a year and a half. (record!) My thumb is as far away from the color green as humanly possible. Lately though, my thumb is telling me it wants to change. As you guys know, I started my veggies from seeds during my 30 day challenge. Well, yesterday was "graduation day", where I took them and put them in bigger pots, and took them on a field trip to the outside. I have 4 beautiful pea plants, 2 gorgeous zucchini plants, and some onions, lettuce, and tomatoes (still have some growing to do.) These are the peas.


Its funny how attached i feel to them. I am so proud I grew these all myself from seed. Im sad to send them outside now where there are scary things like bugs! But, I know they need room to grow, and more sun than I can provide inside. Sniff sniff. Its like my child moving away to college... hahahaha (pathetic?)

So, in effort to try and make a happy permanent home for these babies, I have been cleaning out the mess that is the back yard. Oh man, how the plants took over out there, and its like my nightmare. I got an estimate from a company to clean it up, and NO THANKS 1,400 dollars to weed my back yard. BS. SO, I am trying to do it and I am becoming so overwhelmed. I work and work till my hands hurt and I cant bend over, and it STILL is a mess! This is the "pile" AFTER 7 yard waste bags full.....

Im trying to take it one thing at a time, but gee wiz. I think this season my veggies will be planted in pots back there. I wont give up, I filled 10 LARGE yard waste bags, and 2 trashcans- today. By myself ... (pride sniff...) I know tomorrow I will be hurting, but what can you do?

Part of my job today was to take this huge pile of weeds that my KIND brother pulled for me, and bag them. The problem is I HATE BUGS. So, here I am, raking these weeds from this huge pile and all these bugs are jumping out. I SWEAR I saw a worm (thought it was a snake) that was 9 INCHES long. (Scream) I also hate spiders, weird beetles, and anything creepy looking. I have to pump myself up (I am strong, I am strong..) just to bend over to pick up this stuff. I swear if there was someone hiding in the bushes video taping me, they would post a viral video named: "crazy lady afraid of weeds".

Anyways, I enjoyed the sunshine, and just cant wait till it is cleaned up back there so I can plant things and enjoy it out there. Meanwhile... where is the Tylenol? Enjoy the picts of the pretty parts of the yard.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time with family

Hello friends and blog followers. I have been really missing blogging daily, so I thought I would write a new entry today. What have I been up to? Well, pretty much the same thing, but last week was wonderful because I got to spend so much time with my family!! My parents came over from Utah with my younger brother, John. I grandparents came up from New Mexico (?), my aunt and uncle from Colorado, and other members who live in Ca, came from here there and everywhere to the bay area to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday!This is a pict of all the "ladies" at the party. I dont have one with everyone.....

I had such a wonderful time visiting with my parents while they stayed here for a few nights. They brought their pugs, Nick and Jack too. We mostly just hung out and visited, but we also went out to eat and went on walks. We took all FOUR pugs to the big dog park, and I was so proud of Mango for not killing anyone. ;) She proved to be a happy dog park lover (Also, salami helps.) This is an old picture of all four pugs!

My mom and I got our toes done, went shopping, and lunch! I wish I had more days like that! I love her so much, and just love spending time with her. Adam also loves her- hes always teasing and joking with her! My dad and I got to go out and walk around 4th street. I took him to the stained glass shop, which he LOVED!

My brother I spent the most time with, and I just really miss him. Hes so interesting and different, which I like. He also did some work in the yard, took the trash out, and cleaned my kitchen after dinner. I called him my "man servant". I paid him in burritos. hahaha

Now that they are gone, my house is so quiet. I can only hear 2 pugs snoring. I look forward to their next visit!

The birthday party went well. I was in charge of decorating, (my mom helped too!) which went really well! I think my grandpa really enjoyed seeing us all. We sat around telling jokes and memories involving him. Funny! I decorated tables with blown up pictures of him and his kids! I also made a picture poster for everyone to sign.

Today- Im off to the dentist, dinner with Rachel, and the last meditation class. Im down 6.2 pounds, (total of 29 since i went gluten free) and feeling pretty good.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 30!!!

Holy cow, I made it! 30 days ago I was in a pretty bad place. Emotionally and mentally I was really struggling. I started this challenge as a way for me to try and focus on the good stuff in life, and I really feel like in the past 30 days I have really grown and changed. In forcing myself to do something interesting everyday, or at least think about something interesting everyday, I actually feel happier. Now, I know my life problems aren't "fixed", and I am still going to have good and bad days, but I know I can get through it.

I have so many wonderful things in my life. Sometimes its hard to look on the good side when the "bad" stuff seems to take over in my heart. I think everyone will agree with me on this one. I have really enjoyed exploring what I already have, and new things that I can be grateful for. My family, my amazing husband, my friends, my pugs, my life, music, nature, knitting, crafts, walking, peace, and food are just things I can always look to for happiness.

Thank you all for reading my blog for the past 30 days. I promise I wont disappear, but blogging everyday is actually pretty hard!!! Spring is here and I have this wonderful life to live!!!!

My seeds have grown (some of them!), and so have I. Hugs to you all!