Monday, July 7, 2008

Feast Your Eyes

I love summer. I see now why teaching might be appealling to people that dont even like kids. I see now why those horrible teachers might continue in this profession. SUMMER. So far this summer I have stayed up late knitting, watching TV, and playing video games. I sleep in till AT LEAST 10, and pretty much do nothing exept what I WANT to do. The best part is I am STILL GETTING PAID.

Besides loving my job, and loving kids, educating the future of our country, being a positive role model.... I see why teaching is such a great thing. Summer.

I thought I would show off some of my new stuff... I have been knitting like mad. I am ALMOST finished with my Drops Design Eskimo Jacket, and I think you all will really be jealous when you see it. I am thrilled. Stay tuned for Picts. The yarn above is Schaefer Yarn's Andrea, which is 1,093 yards of 100% cultivated handpainted silk. The color is called "Empress Wu Zhao. What am I doing with this you ask? I dont know but I couldnt help myself. You understand yeah?

Since I am "Pugs and Knits" I thought these stitch markers were highly appropriate and necessary. I bought these 4 cute suckers on Etsy. Check out this site. :) I also got 10 skeins of Claudia's Hand painted Worsted weight yarn. I think I might make a delicious sweater. I am thinking the hybrid yoke Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Here is Jared's example. What do you guys think, not of his (which I know is FABULOUS... ) What do you think of me doing that sweater out of this new yarn?? Stay tuned for pictures of my finished sweater.