Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lady in Waiting

Well it just seems like right now i am waiting. Waiting for graduation. Waiting to hear about this job. Waiting to see my parents. Waiting to see what my life will be like. Waiting for summer. Waiting to have to say goodbye to this pug I adore. Waiting to go out in public and not see people cry or talk about horrible stories about the shootings. Stories that haunt my dreams lately. I guess I am like a little kid that needs to be sheltered from stories like this. I feel bad but I dont want to talk about what happened at VT anymore. Tired.

I am however making squares. I feel a peace knowing that I am contributing to this cause. They are also calming me down. I had a bon fire the other night and a bunch of us gals sat around the fire knitting hokie squares. That was nice. This morning the photographer from the NY Times came and took pictures of us knitting. Weird. Companies sent boxes of hokie colored yarn in to donate to the cause. Amazing.

Here is a picture of Lucy and Spike together. I dont know how I am going to let this guy go. I just have to have faith that his life will be so good with his new family. When he is gone Mango might start loving me again. Even though she is right here- I miss her. I have to do whats right even though my heart will break.

I will let you guys all know about this job as soon as I hear. Love you all.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeling Girllie and Squirrley

So here is a picture of the outfit I will be wearing to my interview today. I love this look, and i think it looks good. Any comments? I was going to wear a suit.. but its in the upper 70's today, so i am wearing my suit skirt with this shirt and shiny belt.
I am going to lunch and nails with my friend Kat and a haircut! Girlie day! What is it with me, I have become such a girl!!! Yesterday I went shopping with Belinda. Last week I had a girls day with Sharon in Roanoke. I have to admit all this girlie-ness makes me feel good about myself. I love spending time with my girlfriends and doing stuff like shop... eat... pedicures... Why didnt i do this more often? Anyone else wanna do a girls day- Im game, cause I am girly and proud! :)

Wish me luck! Interview is at 6. I am nervous.... i need to take some Imodium!!!
Love you all!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ann Zieity

Hello blog friends. I am writing tonight out of 1/2 open eye lids. I am tired. I have been so full of so may different feeling this past week that i am literally tired of feeling. My default emotion when i am stressed out is my old friend Ann Zieity. She is here visiting along with her hard-to-handle twin, Pan Ic Attack. They only visit when i really dont want them too... and they are here, and i am left haunted by horrible dreams, and my chest feels like I have 3 fat pugs sitting on me. Maybe I do have 3 fat pugs on me...

I dont want to whine your ears off about my crazy head- but i do want to thank all of you that are my friends. You may not know this, but its been a LONG time since I feel like I actually have true friends. When I was younger... I had LOTS of friends, but I am not sure if i really liked them.. or if they liked me for that matter. I moved in the middle of HS, and had a really hard time in the friend department. College came and went, and i guess i had no time for friends. But i had no idea what Blacksburg had in store for me. I am surrounded by all of you! I know that if i needed you to complain to... to whine to... or to go with me to lunch/coffee, you would be there. Thank you. I cant tell you how much that means to me.

I am having a bonfire/knitting thing Wednesday- email me if your interested.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Blog

OK, i guess its time for another blog from me. I am sure you are all waiting eagerly. First of all I just want everyone to know that we are ok. The events that happened on campus Monday seemed to shake up everyone and it all leaves me feeling very numb. I hate that this happened. I hate how sad I feel for all the friends and family of those effected. I hate how guilty I feel being thankful it wasn't Adam.. or me. I hate how I cant watch TV. I guess I am so full of these feelings that i don't feel like doing anything. All I want to do it sit on my couch and knit.. and play my wii.

I wish i could say something wonderful that would touch the hearts of everyone reading this. I wish I could type magic words that let everyone know how this event has changed me for the better.. and how I have such a new sense of meaning in my life because of it... and i feel so much closer to my town for it.... but I cant. All i can say is that i feel crappy... everyone around me feels crappy about it... and its just going to take time for everyone to feel normal again.

On other news- I lost .5 pounds this week, I found a home for foster pug "Spike", I graduate in 2 weeks, I finished ultra alpaca sweater (stay tuned for pic), I have 2 interviews this week, My parents might be coming for graduation, my grandparents too... :) AND the scab on my toe (from getting stepped on) has fallen off. WOW EXCITEMENT!

Love you all!
PS... the picture was taken by me at the memorial ceremony when the president spoke. I was on the football stadium at the time.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Giving In

So I gave in to the peer pressure and got myself a Hanne Falkenburg kit. I told myself I wouldn't, but I have been staring at this poster hanging up in the store for weeks. When we had the trunk show it was the one that i loved... but we didnt have that color because Debbie got to it first. I thought I was safe. wrong... oh so wrong.
I love it, and I am so happy i have it. There is something about this kit that makes me feel so excited. I hold the plastic box it came in and gaze into the top... all the yarn looks so neat and perfect. The colors are so soothing and soft. I laid in bed the other night and read over the entire pattern. I think i was more captivated by this pattern than most books recently. I love the tag that was so thoughtfully paper cliped to the pattern.
Its like someone else has already done all the hard parts of the project, she figured it out... and I can relax and feel safe... this pattern wont hurt me because I am not the first to try. I can enjoy and see the masterpiece come alive.
I never knew knitting was like this before. I never understood, but now I feel part of this awesome universe of knitting. Its such a passion in me, to create, to constantly learn...

I feel a list coming on.....
OBJECTS that EXCITE ME! (get your heads out of the gutter- GINA and Sharon!)

1. a bag of yarn.. untouched and mine.
2. a box of unused crayons.
3. a martini glass, they are beautiful.
4. The blink on my answering machine.
5. a bed that is made.
6. Fresh cut flowers.
7. a can of cream of mushroom soup.
8. a new notebook... unused.
9. a new wallet.
10. a new knitting bag, waiting to be filled.

I am off to a cup of hot tea and a cup of icecream. Have a wonderful night!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 pugs, Demi, and the Devil

So I am fostering the sweetest little guy this week. I hope he finds a home soon, or I might lose it. I am just all pugged out, and stressing. Lucy has an ear infection so I had to take her to the doctor. She has them chronically, so you think they would just give me medicine... but no.. had to take her in. I couldnt leave Spike (new foster) because he scratches up the doors... and Mango just about threw a HISSY fit when not only did she not get to sleep in her bed last night and had to sleep on a air mattress with her mom and dad (and the foster she hates), but she was just about to be left alone while mama took lucy and him on a fun car ride.

I felt so bad, and I was worried to come home to a house left alone with a spiteful, jealous, diva beast pug... so she came with us. 3 pugs... in my car... at the vet... I cant even explain the chaos and stress this situation brought. Spike refuses to sit in the chair in the car and tried every 2 second to get on my lap. I dont think i have ever met a more stubborn dog. Lucy and mango are whining in the back, and I cant even hear the radio over all the snorts, heavy breathing, and whining. NOT TO MENTION the yelling I had to do every 2 seconds to keep him off my lap.
We got there, and the party began. heres how it went:

Bark Bark Bark "Can I help you" (Receptionist) "BARK BARK WHINE GROWL YELP "What!?" (me) BARK HUMP HUMP YELL GROWL... meanwhile wrapping my legs up in leash so i cant walk. "Uh... why dont you guys come in a room" (I limp in the room while one pug pulls me in, one pug pulls me back, and another (lucy) is wrapping me up some more. We get in the room... Spike goes on a hump fest, lucy hides in the corner and whines, and mango wants on my lap. Then I get the doctor who lectures me again about how obese my dogs are... YADA YADA YADA, i get home, drenched in rain, Wendy's in hand (which is cold and wet.. and they didnt give me my ranch!), and I am back in the computer room... away from any canine. I think If this scene were a movie... the part in the end when I yelled... my face would have morphed into a devil.

Heres a stinking picture of Demi, who is beautiful, but incredibly stressful. Gosh, I need a break. SERENITY NOW!!!

I actually feel better after taking those angry pictures. That mad one actually freaks me out!! I was laughing so hard at them that it cheered me up a bit.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Hi Ladies and Gents, I hope you enjoyed my April Fools joke as much as I did. Sorry Belinda, I can just see your instant panic! I have been so busy with school this week that I have NOTHING interesting to say. SOOO I was inspired by Gina's blog today to make my own yarn list. I cant think right now of my favorites, so instead... its my most hated yarn... in no particular order.

Most Hated Yarn:

1. Red Heart.
2. Bernet's Homespun
4. Lopi
5. Paris mohair
6. twins
8. Alp
9. Punta...
10. Pound O Love

love you guys

Sunday, April 1, 2007


OK, so I have been SOOO upset because I havent been able to write this week because I have had nothing to write. You all are in for a treat, you are not going to believe this freeky story! So, we Adam and I have a massive amount of sticks in our yard and have been needing to burn them up, so he Mowed, and started digging a small hole in the back yard, cause I think thats what your supposed to do or something. SO-
He was digging, when he found it. (IF you are SQUEAMISH stop reading now) Your seriously not going to believe this, but he found.. what looks like bones. Now, for faithful blog readers, you may know that my neighbor in the back likes to throw around dead animal parts in the back yard... but these bones are seriously freeking me out. What do we do?? SO, I thought it would be a good idea to go knock on his door and ask if he (crazy weirdo guy) knew what these random bones were. (Bad Idea- I know)
NOW i am even more freaked out because he seriously said... " Uh, NO... But i could take a look at them if you want me to take them..." I panicked because I thought he was going to attack me or something, so I gave him the bones. (I know, I am DUMB)
THEN... Adam freeked out and said we should call the police, so I did... and I explained everything. They went to the guys house... and He said he had no idea what I was talking about.

I am seriously freeking out now cause I think i am living next to a killer who buries things in my yard.... Ladies- What do I do?