Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy b-day Adam!

Whats a better gift? This is Koolhaas! NIce huh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern, and plan on doing another one. Its nice to do a pattern that is EXACTLY correct. This yarn on the other hand... feels like I ripped out a bunch of hair from a doll and twisted it in my fingers and knit it. BAD BAD BAD. Sorry everyone that likes this yarn, but I will NEVER touch it again. It was Berroco's Peruvia. Sorry guys. Hate it.

Now, I am starting a nice little project to keep my hands warm- nothing does it quite like CASHMERE. :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I know. I know. It has been way too long. If there is even anyone out there that still reads this, I apologize. I will try to catch you up on my life.
Winter SUCKS. and now I need a list....

Why Winter SUCKS- top 10

10. The flu. The cold. The cough.
9. Indoor Recess
8. The cold. Always having to wear shoes. I miss flip flops.
7. Lack or veggies and fruits for cheep.
6. dry skin.
7. my "winter coat" i grow on my legs. I see no reason to shave, and it helps my dry skin.
5. Being inside all the time.
4. My apparent inability to loose weight during this season.
3. paste white skin.
2. bare trees.
1. Knowing that it lasts for another 2 months.

What I CANT WAIT for:
2. BBQ's
3. Fruit
4. fresh cut grass
5. picnics
6. Bon fires

OK, thats enough of that. What is going on in my knitting life?? Well, I finished 2 hats for Adam this week. They are boring, but wonderful. i doubled a heather cascade 220 for 1, and doubled a Misson Falls Merino for another. Quick and Easy.
I am still working on my mom's b-day present, which is a surprise so i cant talk about it. I am about 60 percent finished with my moderne baby blanket. I LOVE that one!

I am wanting the knitpicks needles, and cant wait to try Malabrigo. I miss working at the yarn store more. :( Love you all!