Thursday, May 31, 2007

TNNA or Bust!

Here I am packing for this trip with the friends from Mosaic. I am excited:) Im sure I will have interesting stories for my blog when we get back. My goals.... Meet Debbie Bliss... Hanne F. (dream on mimi...) Hopefully all us ladies will fit in the hotel room.... hmm... Stay tuned. I will be back Sunday.

Monday, May 28, 2007

You asked for it....

I just looked at Gina's blog and she wants to see whats in my purse. Her purse had just a couple things in it.... nice and tidy.... Debbie's purse also had normal stuff in it. You guys seriously want to see the dark abyss that is my purse? Here you go.
First things first... I have MANY purses. I picked the top 2 most used, and chose the messiest one. I didnt filter anything out. I literally dumped it out on the table and took the picture. Its not pretty. enjoy!

Purse 1:
1 random black glove. (not mine by the way?)
check book (that i never use)
3 pencils. 1 pen.
1 random nut... still left to be determined..
airplane ticket to Oakland.
1 mending plate package. (I dont know what it is, Adam gave to me because his friend was going to throw it out...)
1 skein Maggies Irish Linen, tangled in my ipod earphones and a hair clip.
1 pay check
rubberband, 8 #1 doouble pointed needles, and a broken one., stich holder, clover cutting thing..
lifesaver gummies, nailfile, RECEIPTS!

Drugs in the bag include:
1. gas-ex
2. Halls
3. Rolaids
4. Robitussm
5. Fexofenadine (Allergies, i think. I dont take them)
6. Nazonex (empty)
7. Xanax
8. Razamataz (not the technical name...)
9. Midol
10. Phenylephine (Also, i think allergy meds... dont take)
11. Loratadine (Again, not sure...)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wrapped in Ridges

Finally- Let me introduce you to the completed Lizard Ridge!! I started her on New Years Day, and finished the squares in like Feb. BUT it took me twice as long to sew it together as it did to actually knit it. WHEEEW! Tip to those that want to embark on this wonderful project... Knit it in strips. Don't cast off when you change colors...and then you will just have strips to sew. Anyways, you guys like??

On other news...
Does any one out there suffer from extremely vivid dreams every night? Its like lately i am actually scared to go to sleep because my dreams are so bad... I mean BAD. I was having bad teacher anxiety dreams, and i wished those away. My wish came true, but now they were replaced with horrid dreams about death. The kind of dreams that stick with you all day, like you spent the night up crying. They just feel so real.

Am I alone? Any tips on how to get rid of these?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why I am really a PUG....

I know you all know I love pugs, I have two pugs, I do pug rescue, and forced pugs on my parents...but do you really know that i AM a pug. I am... and here is why.

1. I love to eat. Love isnt the right word. I ADORE food. I, like a pug, if left to my own devices, would eat all day until I got sick.
2. I love to sleep and lay. L-A-Z-Y.
3. I am generally happy, and love it when people are nice to me. I might even wiggle...
4. I am friendly. especially when given food... sleep... and a nice lap to lay on.
5. Sometimes I go crazy and run around my house with only my underwear. In Mango's case, she would also have my underwear....
6. I shed. Seriously, I shed.
7. I am known to make strange noises in my sleep.

Is this so bad? I was at my Weight watcher meeting tonight when my leader reminded me that I just need to find some kind of activity that I LIKE to do. This is what prompted this blog. The problem with me is that the only activities I enjoy doing are done sitting, or laying. I am doomed with this pug curse...but i am happy.
PS: Thanks Theresa for the lovely pict!

Monday, May 14, 2007


This month has been such a huge one for me. I am finally sitting on my couch, in my PJ's, knitting my Hanne Faukenburg, and preparing to watch the Bachelor. This month has been full, and I feel like I am finally at a break, and I can breath.
I have been so happy knowing that come fall, I will be a third grade teacher at a school I love, surrounded by teachers I love and admire.
Now I will be working at the knitting store more, which is wonderful cause I LOATH subbing. LOATH. I like that word. Do you guys find yourself saying a word and loving or hating it right away. I feel a list coming on. ....cant resist...... (Adam is now explaining the reasoning behind garter stitch to me.. i love him)

Words I HATE: (Excluding vulgar words)
1. Slit
2. Swipe
3. Sticky
4. Smear
5. Plaque

Words I like:
1. Hoist
2. Package
3. Turpitude
4. Scandal
5. Titty Caca

haha.. I amuse myself. Keep in mind this list is only because the word SOUNDS...say them to yourself... you might like them too...

As for this picture.... If you ever asked yourself what would happen if a pug mated with an owl... look no further.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I have been so busy with everything this week I feel guilty for not blogging to let you all know whats going on in my life. I graduated! I dont think that has actually sunk in yet. I will probably still think about registering or something...getting books... My parents flew in from CA and my grandparents from KY. It was so nice having them all here!! I wish they all lived here! ok, not in my house....but nearby! :)
TOday I have an old friend, Michelle coming to visit from CT. She and I used to be close and so I am really exited to see her and catch up with her.
I am knitting away all the hokie squares. I had my mom and gma doing them too. NICE! I also have been chipping away at the massive Mermaid sweater. Its looking really good. I will get a picture soon. Surprisingly, its a really well written pattern. Thats always nice.
Anyways, I gotta go- will post picts later...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Hello Hello! I know you must be thinking.. "2 blogs in one day?!!" Yes my friends, today is a 2 blog kinda day. Besides all the new found fame my hands found in the NY Times, I also had a lot more happen today.

As of today, I am a third grade teacher. :) WOO HOOOO not only that, but I finished my last class ever, and i am DONE DONE DONE with school!! Now, all i have to do is go to graduation ceremony. I feel so many crazy emotions all at once, the shock is here, and all the stress hormones that have filled me up this past week still need to get out of my system. I still feel really anxious, but now I feel excited... thrilled... nervous... scared...impatient... and tired.

What a day! I love you all- and thank you for putting up with me:)

New York Times

I only have a second to blog today cause I have my LAST class EVER to go to tonight! I got a call from Gina, and its true... Mosaic is in the NY Times! Here are the pictures taken, Those hands... MINE!!! (and my square)Sharon said maybe this is my chance... I will be discovered as the hand model I should have always been... hehe
No news on job today yet. I am being hopeful, and trying not to panic. Go get your copy of the times today!!