Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in Cali

Well- I dont know if anyone ever even reads this anymore, so if you DO read this, please comment so I know I am not doing this in vain.

We made it~ In the past 4 months we have packed up the house, sold the house, quit my job, packed up my classroom, drove across the country, moved into a house, remodelled ("we" didnt do it, but we lived through it).... So I guess you can say we have been a LITTLE busy.

It was very painful leaving Blacksburg. I really have some amazing friends there, and left an amazing job. I wish I could have moved Blacksburg with me. Although it was difficult moving, Im just so happy that I have such a strong and supportive spouse, who loves me- even when I cry all the time~!

The puggies did ok on the cross country trip. Lucys limp got REALLY bad, and we were very worried that she was never going to be the same, but with a lot of rest, and some supplements, she is walking normal. Mango was stressed out to the max ... but is finally settling in. I think her favorite was either... driving in the rain... or... waking up to construction workers pounding on the house.

You might be asking- Have you been busy knitting with all your new found time, and the answer is YES. I wish i could knit ALLLLL day long, but I do other things all day. .... like nap....

I've finally found a local knitting group full of really nice girls, so I am excited to make some new friends!

OK, well. If i see that people actually read this still, i may post again!

Loves from Ca.- Mimi