Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Well another year has come and gone. Adam and I were unpacking the office the other day (YES, we are STILL unpacking!) and I came across my old diary's. For the next hour or so I had a good time reading through certain key periods of my life. I think Adam was entertained by listening to me read entries from the beginning of our relationship. It was fun reading about our first kiss and the first time he told me he loved me. (aww) It was fun rewinding my life even further to junior high where every other entry I was "in love" with a new guy that was "awesome" and "really cute".

As I get older I see that time speeds up and that sometimes I am so preoccupied with getting to the "next stage" in my life, that I forget to really appreciate the place that I am in right now.

And I really am in a good place.

This year, as most years, was FULL of many ups and downs. I finished my second year of teaching 3rd grade, which was a miracle... hard year. Adam got a job here back in Ca, and we picked up our life, sold our house, quit my job, and moved 3000 miles away in a Honda packed with pugs and pillows. The move was exhilarating and exhausting. We love it here, but I still miss my little town of Blacksburg. My knitting shop, my friends.

I have discovered a food allergy, which will effect my life forever. I have discovered a thyroid condition. I have learned a lot about my body. I am learning about new foods, and news ways to eat.

In the year to come I want to continue to learn about my body, and live even healthier than before. I want to learn new recipes and explore new grains that my body actually loves. I want to continue not eating fast food, and cutting WAY down on sugar and processed foods.

Who knows what this year has to bring. I have optimism that with the new year comes a new hope and renewed since of appreciation.Who knows what journeys are to come, but Im sure I will continue to write in my little blog "diary" and try to appreciate and enjoy the life I live now... just a little more.

I hope the new year finds you, my friends, with a renewed sense of optimism for a good year!