Sunday, February 25, 2007

Broke and Obsessive

What a day..
Ever since I saw that pattern for the Demi sweater, I have been obsessing. OBSESSING.
It didnt help much that i worked today and the store was quiet. I was alone with my obsessive thoughts. Loren was awesome and brought in the Rowan Vintage book so I could look at the pattern at last. It blew my mind. Can I really do this? Then I was pacing around, pulling tweed off the shelf. The winner today was Maggi's Tweed, which I LOVE. I think the green is awesome!

Then, just as i thought my problem was solved... another storm blew in. I glanced over and saw it sparkling on the shelf, like a shiny jewel. How did I not notice this before?? Farmhouse Yarns Andy's Merino. Color- STORM.. how appropriate. I found only four, and I got sad. WHY!? I want a sweater~~~ sigh. GINA.... help me....

So now I am home stressing out about how I m going to fund this problem I have. I really dont have this money to do this. I am subbing, but i wont see a dime for another week. BROKE and Obsessing... SO i decided to kill two birds with one stone. I need to clean out my stash, and so I am going to see if i can sell some on E-bay. Its going to be hard for me to part with an of this, but I am desperate. DESPERATE. Anyone want any Jo Sharp?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Project ITCH

OK, so i finished my Collinette Jitterbug socks, and I LOVE them!!! SO soft and warm on my cold winter feet. I have finished my Lizard Ridge, except the whole sewing together part... (growl) and now I am in serious need of a new project. I DO need to finish the green pullover I am making out of Ultra Alpaca, so that will be on my list.

Adam and I were talking about knitting and everything, and he said he thinks I would be happier if I chose more challenging projects that "improved my skill level". I agree. I have been content making basic sweaters and socks, but I see these things that blow my mind, and maybe I am just to scared to try... like... maybe I am not good enough.. BUT I think I should try. I saw this sweater on Brooklyn Tweed... and my hear begain to pound... I am now going to obsess...

Also, We went to Famous A's to breakfast today, which we love... and even better that they are going no smoking... Anyways, this girl came in with this sweater that completely mesmerized me... I am not kidding. She probably thought i was a weirdo that was staring at her chest or something, but I was seriously trying to figure out how this sweater was made. Had i a camera, i would have snuck a picture... I came home and drew this BAD sketch. It was striped, but not too many colors... Its was awesome. ANY IDEAS??

Anyways, off to the yarn store to stare and touch some tweed...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sick Face

Sorry faithful bloggers, it has been to long since my last entry. (That sounded like a catholic confession) We had what they called an "ice storm", and our power went out for a few seconds, and messed up our Internet connection. I couldn't figure it out, so I waited till Adam fixed it. I hope you all are doing better than me today... as you might have guessed from the title of this blog I am SICK. I havent felt right for like a week, but today it is bad. I just carry around my box of tissues, and fill up bags with my mucus. YUM.

I watched little girl Purl this week, and it was fun. She really wants to be part of the pack when shes here, and Lucy and Mango were a little annoyed by her attempts. Its like when someone annoying tries really hard to be your friend, and you feel bad for them, but still want to get away from them at the same time..... like that, but with pugs. I am not saying Purl is annoying as a dog, but Lucy and Mango are tired and old... and don't like little puppies jumping and barking in their face. By the end of the second day, Mango decided she would give in and play with her. I really think they had a good time, and then they all slept well.

I took this picture of all 3 going on a walk. By the way, YES... I knit all the sweaters. Lucy is Modeling her Blizzard seed stitch pullover from my Fall 2005 collection. Mango sported her "Bee" sweater made from Ultra alpaca and Cascade 220 (2006), and Purl was wearing the latest in my collection... a cashmere fair Isle pullover. Man, I am sick arnt I?

Adam and I went today to Lowes and got the Wainscoting, so when there is progress I will post a picture. For now, I am going to snuggle up to my box of puffs lotion tissues (genius by the way) and my collinette jitterbug socks, and watch some bad TV.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentines Day Shout Out

Happy Valentines Day all!! What is Valentines day really? Despite all that I have read, I think its really a made up holiday, made up by business owners to boast sales after the slow month of January. Also, I think it is for all the lame lame boyfriends and hubbys that use it as their obligatory day to do something nice for a change for their ladies. LUCKILY I have a wonderful hubby who is super nice all year round, and who lets me use this day as an excuse to go out to Kabuki.. my favorite restaurant in Southwest Va... ( I guess that doesn't say much huh...?) Thank you Adam for being so wonderful all year round! Seriously ladies, he asks me to dance in the living room to Sinatra.. "WITCHCRAFT...." hehehehe. I love him.

I hope everyone has a great day and also uses this meaningless "holiday" as an excuse to break your diets, and your budgets!

On other news, I am blocking the squares now, and finished 1 sock... had to rip 2 inches out cause it wasnt long enough.. boo hoo.. AND NO KNITTING CIRCLE THIS WEEK. Sorry ladies. I am horrible, but I was sick sick all weekend and my house is a mess. Grout is in... looks great... next step wainscoting. woo hoo.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Square 24

Its finally here. I have been waiting and working so hard to meet her, and now she is here in my hands... May I introduce you to Square 24! (da da) I know you all are so excited to see her too. Its strange to me as I look at all these squares of Noro that I actually did all this. Do any of you look at your work and wonder if maybe some strange knitting fairy really came in the night and did it? I feel sort of like I do some nights when I am driving back from class or something, and I am almost home when I realize I have been spacing out and I don't remember driving home. I think back on my drive and I can honestly not remember how I got there. That's how I feel. How did I get to square 24... who knit all this? Well... await the final picture of completion oh faithful bloggers out there.

Adam and I went to a movie with our friends tonight, so that was fun. As we were in the mall i spotted about a dozen third grade girl scouts who know me very well. I got lots of love and hugs. On the way out I got the same from a half dozen 4th graders. It occurred to me... I am finally popular in school... hahahaha

I think I am getting sick. I hurt. I cough. I sniff sniff. I am off to go to NyQuil land of happy sleep. The pugs have beaten me there.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

DO you really know me?

I have 10 minutes before American Idol starts, and I thought i would write something. I was inspired when i came across a random blog just a min ago, so I thought you guys might enjoy another one of my random lists.
You may read my blog, talk to me daily, or even be related to me, but how well do you really know me? I am now composing a list of things you may or may not know about me. I encourage you all to do the same, because... as I have learned from this bloggin experience, people want to know about you.

Did you know:
1. I cant stand touching chalk.
2. I never touch doorknobs.
3. I have horrible handwritting, and cant spell. (you guys know that last one)
4. I hate perfume and cologne. Expecially collogne.
5. I rarely shave my legs.
6. I have weird repetitive dreams almost every night about calling 911 and no one taking me seriously that there is someone trying to kill me.
7. I hate clowns, tomatoes, and cream in my coffee.
8. I hate airplanes, BO smell, and phones with cords.
9. I like number things and listing things... i make lists everyday.
10. I take something to help me sleep at night almost everynight.
11. I cant go a day without bathing, knitting, or thinking about my weight.
12. I love pugs, kids, and pink.
13. I say i love kids, but... i dont love them when we are in public, and the kids are being bad and the parents do nothing.
14. I like having friends, but i am bad at being one sometimes.
15. I have the messiest car in the world...
16. I only get the mail when the mail person refuses to shove any more in the box.
17. I dont know the words to any song correctly, and I make up words everyday.
18. I enjoy making up songs... Have you ever heard my songs?

Ok, thats enough self reflection tonight.
finished square 22.
started book 6.
Idol is on.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Thoughts on a Snowy Night

So I FINALLY finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (5) What a great book. I am so in love with these books. They dont even feel like books to me. I feel like I am that kid in that movie The Never Ending Story, and that the book is actually real, and I am part of it somehow. Yeah, I know I am a nerd. If you havent read these books... shame on you, they really are amazing.

Also, cool news. I got invited to a reception to meet with the superintendent of this school county. Apparently, she asked the principals who was a good student teacher, and I made the list. (Its all the bribing i do on the side..) Not to brag, but I feel really honored to get this opportunity. . OK thats enough bragging for now.

I miss my class and my cooperating teacher Elizabeth. I dont think I could have had a better experience. Those kids will always be remembered. I know that teaching is where I need to be.

I finished square 21, and I get a snow day tomorrow. I will be at mosaic in the afternoon as long as the roads are good. :) Have a great night everyone. Stay toasty!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sunday Night Blues

Do you guys suffer from this also? Its sunday night, and I dont want to go to bed because I know when I wake up it will be MOnday... The begining of a week. It's so cold outside I feel like I dont want to do anything this whole week. No work, no school.... just stay inside with Lizard Ridge, the pugs, the hubby, and Wii. sigh....

This week looks pretty busy too.. I work from 8:30 to 1 at an elementary school as a special education aide.. and them MOsaic from 1:30 to 6, and then class from 6:30 to 10. Nice. The rest of the week doesnt look that much better either. Maybe I shouldnt over obligate myself... but when principals who could potentially employ me come fall call me to sub, I cant say no, AND when bosses say please work... I give in. (Expecially when they give me samples and pug puppy neices.. hehehehehehe) SO I am left with no time this week for me. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE.. more money for more yarn and bathroom remodelling.

By the way... bathroom tiled and not grouted yet... looks good thanks to Belinda! AND Lizard Ridge is on number 21... (hear that Loren?) But i decided to take apart my sewing together because Loren did a MUCH prettier job... so that takes me back a bit.

I might not write for a couple days because of the mania, but stay faithful... bloggers...

I leave you with a random picture from my archives...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Its February?

Hello faithful bloggers out there! I am excited to post my first February blog. I wish I had so many exciting things to write, but not too much going on. I just got back from a knitting circle at my friend Beths house (Hi BETH!) It was so much fun, and its so good to see that everyone is still knit crazy... AND we had a new convert tonight! WOO HOO. The night was full of scary ghost stories and dream stories. I am pretty sure everyone knows that i am crazy now... at least i didnt tell them about the space ship I saw once.... I will save that one for later. :)

SO I am going to have a knitting circle. I know I am pretty bold for posting this on my blog because I might get complete weirdo's showing up... (Like the UPS man- Gina)! But heres how it is going to work. I am posting the announcement of this gathering on here, and if you are interesting in coming. You must e-mail me and let me know, then I can give you directions if you havent been here before. I am setting the date for 2 weeks from tonight. February 15th. It will be a Valentines Day knitting circle. I will disclose more details as it gets closer. For now, just save the date. 15th.... at say 6:30ish? DONE.

I expect you all to be there (not you UPS man)