Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here We Go Again

I know its been so long that everyone who USED to read my blog has probably forgotten about it, BUT the mood struck me right today, so here it goes.
For those of you that DON'T know, Adam got a job in Berkeley California! It is a very bitter sweet feeling to know we have to leave the place we have called home for the past 6 years and go home. I know Berkeley we have never lived in, but we are Californians that have been living in Virginia for 6 years. We are so excited to live close to family again! There are lots of pros and cons of living here, as opposed to Ca... oooooh, that sounds like a LIST!!

Pros of living in Va:
1. Its CHEEP
2. Its safe.
3. People are nice. We have made SO many friends here that I know will be life long.
4. We have seasons. I never realized how GLORIOUS Spring is till we moved here, or how beautiful Fall is.
5. I have a wonderful job. I love what I do- most of the time
6. no traffic

CONS of living in Va
1. There is VERY little to do...
2. Restaurants SUCK.
3. Winter.
4. crazy hillbilly people... even though entertaining....sometimes.
5. Fresh produce, or lack of.... seafood...
6. no beach here or sunsets over the ocean.

Overall, I have grown to love it here, and I WILL miss it, but I am ready. California, Mimi's coming home!! :)
I am excited because we get to live in Adam's g-pas house, and the town has a few yarn shops. One of them has a shop next door called "pugnatious" ... dog store. Yarn shop next to pug shop? Heaven?? Made for ME??!

What am I knitting?? (maybe the list of what I am NOT knitting would be shorter)
Heres what has seen any action lately:
1. baby surprises
2. Adam's Claudia Handpaints pullover hybrid
3. PUG Muscle Tee- see pict (my own pattern)
4. cable beret hat
5. boring socks
6. I made another "fetching" for Erin for xmas- she loved. I made it with Artyarns Cashmere.

What I plan on knitting?
1. more baby stuff (have you figured out whats on my mind these days??)
2. Feb. Ladies- Modified.
3. even more baby stuff..