Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Ho Ho Ho everyone! Well I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Adam and I went on a mini vacation to a cute little bed and breakfast in South Carolina called Barking Fox Farms. It is a dog friendly place that was a wonderful place of rest! We ate ham, slept in, watched LOTS of movies, KNIT, bathed, walked, saw horses.. ect. Santa came, and Lucy and Mango were thrilled! They were completely overwhelmed and didnt know what do do with themselves! They LOVED the special raw-hide Santa brought. They really felt like they were in heaven!!! I finished my first pair of Noro socks (dah dah!) I LOVE THEM!!! I am wearing them now, and love em. I joined Ravelry finally. It is still undecided if i will go there and enjoy it. We shall see. I am home now, and my house is a stinking mess... all I wanna do is sit here and apparently... do nothing. I work at the shop tomorrow, so I am excited about that. I am thinking about all the future projects I wanna do.... hmm... Love you all!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Thank you all who came over the other night ! It was so nice to have you all over!! I have been knitting like a maniac. I finished my tofutsies, a bee sweet scarf, and my candle flame shawl(thanks for blocking it Sandy!!). I cant put picts of them because they are secret gifts. I will later. I went to the yarn store to pick up some delicious Noro sock yarn, and got started right away! Then, I realized i needed a present for my sis:) (oops) SOOOOOO, inspired by Gina'a scarf... I made a 2 hour scarf. I went into my stash. Picked out 6 skeins... and cast on 8 on a size 19 needle and knit for almost exactly 2 hours. NICE!!! Now its done:) I took this picture, but its hard to see exactly how nice it is. Its black, white, red, and green. :) Can anyone pick out any of the yarns????

Oh, yes, This is also my new friend "Robbie". I got him at Xanadu in B-burg. I love that store and I love my new feathery merman. :) hehehehe

Love you guys!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Did I hear "Stitch and Bitch"?

I think Miranda had a very good idea. Why dont we have a gathering? My house... Say- Tuesday? 7:00? I will make a big bowl of soup, and everyone can bring something to share? SOUND FUN??

I saw this pattern on Knitty, and I am VERY serious about it:) I think I am in love!! And the store just got some awesome lace weight Prism yarn. (uh ooh)

Let me know what you guys think!!!?

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I keep leaving my camera at work because I take so many pictures of my kiddos. I cant post those pictures because of privacy policies. Plus, its just weird. SO sorry, no picts for you today. I was in the E. R on friday night. I dont think I had EVER been sick like that. I was literally on the toilet and vomiting into the bath tub. I vomitted at least every 5 min for 4 hours. I ran out of stuff to poo or throw up, so bile just came out. I felt like I was going to die. Adam, being the wonderful hubby that he is, took me into the ER.

After 2 bags of freezing liquid, and a shot of something wonderful, they sent me home. For the past 72 hours I have sat on this couch. I thought... this might be a great opportunity to knit. BUT no energy to even knit. All i have energy for is laying and sleeping. I have eaten soup, crackers, and ginger ale. woo hoo....

Today I am feeling guilty for thinking about taking off work tomorrow. WHY!? I dont know. I guess I am nuts. I need to go back to the doctor. I am having a hard time breathing in... I am bored of sitting here. BORED outta my mind. I would like to og into the yarn store, but no energy, and I dont wanna get people sick.

OK< enough waa waa complaining from me.
Gina tagged me on her MEME so here is my info.
8 things you dont know about me.

1. I think about death and dying probably 10 times a day.
2. I space out for long periods of time at least 10 times a day.
3. I would rather be a little over weight than an obnoxious health nut.
4. I secretly dream of being a famous singer.
5. I love kids, but am scared of having my own.
6. I have to eat everything evenly on my plate so that i have my last bite of everything at the same time.
7. I dont shave my legs in the winter.
8. Sometimes I think about shaving my head and wearing wigs, or just shaving my head.

Love you all. See you soon!!