Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello friends and family!

Lately I have really become obsessed with plants. I am proud that I have somehow managed to keep someplants alive for a year and a half. (record!) My thumb is as far away from the color green as humanly possible. Lately though, my thumb is telling me it wants to change. As you guys know, I started my veggies from seeds during my 30 day challenge. Well, yesterday was "graduation day", where I took them and put them in bigger pots, and took them on a field trip to the outside. I have 4 beautiful pea plants, 2 gorgeous zucchini plants, and some onions, lettuce, and tomatoes (still have some growing to do.) These are the peas.


Its funny how attached i feel to them. I am so proud I grew these all myself from seed. Im sad to send them outside now where there are scary things like bugs! But, I know they need room to grow, and more sun than I can provide inside. Sniff sniff. Its like my child moving away to college... hahahaha (pathetic?)

So, in effort to try and make a happy permanent home for these babies, I have been cleaning out the mess that is the back yard. Oh man, how the plants took over out there, and its like my nightmare. I got an estimate from a company to clean it up, and NO THANKS 1,400 dollars to weed my back yard. BS. SO, I am trying to do it and I am becoming so overwhelmed. I work and work till my hands hurt and I cant bend over, and it STILL is a mess! This is the "pile" AFTER 7 yard waste bags full.....

Im trying to take it one thing at a time, but gee wiz. I think this season my veggies will be planted in pots back there. I wont give up, I filled 10 LARGE yard waste bags, and 2 trashcans- today. By myself ... (pride sniff...) I know tomorrow I will be hurting, but what can you do?

Part of my job today was to take this huge pile of weeds that my KIND brother pulled for me, and bag them. The problem is I HATE BUGS. So, here I am, raking these weeds from this huge pile and all these bugs are jumping out. I SWEAR I saw a worm (thought it was a snake) that was 9 INCHES long. (Scream) I also hate spiders, weird beetles, and anything creepy looking. I have to pump myself up (I am strong, I am strong..) just to bend over to pick up this stuff. I swear if there was someone hiding in the bushes video taping me, they would post a viral video named: "crazy lady afraid of weeds".

Anyways, I enjoyed the sunshine, and just cant wait till it is cleaned up back there so I can plant things and enjoy it out there. Meanwhile... where is the Tylenol? Enjoy the picts of the pretty parts of the yard.


J.Moody said...

Mimi, I am so proud of you. I am helping my parents with their garden this year, so I can benefit from the yummy fruits of our labor. I do not have a green enough thumb to do this on my own yet, but I'm hoping to learn some great tricks of the trade from my parents. I am so proud of you for tackling it on your own. For the matter of the long earthworm, he is your friend for gardening, even if he was frighteningly long. What a shame some company was prepared to take such advantage of you, but congrats to you for not falling prey to them. Good luck with your garden!!

Chrissie said...

Love you blog. You come from a long line of happy gardeners, you know. My mother, your grandma always said, gardening made all the blues go away...just to dig in the dirt and make things grow. I found my way to gardening when I was about your age too, and it brings so much joy to me to watch things bloom and grow! Love your pictures and love your garden space! A little bit of heaven! Enjoy!
Love Mom

Stephanie M said...

My thumb isn't green either. When I first moved into an apartment, Frankie bought me a housewarming plant that I forgot to water and it died. I'm very proud of your efforts. I can't wait to see all the yummy things you grow.

Amanda Fox said...

I'm so impressed that you grew little veggies from seed - I'm still on the "keep the plants that were here when we arrived alive" stage of gardening, but it's going okay. Maybe veggies next year. I can't wait to see pictures of your tomatoes and zucchini!